Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer is for: Old friends!

Haven't done one of these in a while.. but this one is particularly on my mind. :)

Summer is for:
Old friends!

I'm guilty of losing touch with some of my friends. Summer is a good excuse to catch up and get together again.

All these photos above give me chills and such deep nostalgic feelings. I saw the words spray painted on a wall someplace while exploring.. they said "Married to my Youth". So true.... I could have posted photos of many, many faces, but it was so hard to choose so I stopped... this will have to suffice. I think you get the point. :)

Parties seem to be in more of an abundance in the summer time. What reminded me of this particular aspect of summer was because last night, Michael and I went to a party at our friend Russ's house. Russ and I were introduced in 2007 (This was around the time I made a LOT of acquaintances) because of our love for a local band, Fayettenam Bombs. Though we had been introduced, we had never actually got a chance to hang out for.. a very long time. I thought my graduation party would be a good chance for us to get together but it just so happened he was moving to Florida that week! We talked on the phone and via internet for quite some time and met once or twice when he came home to visit. So yeah, our friendship started off in a very unusual note. We've been getting to hang out more since he moved home again. Michael seems to enjoy his company too. They were killin' it at Mortal Kombat last night! So I just wanted to mention this particularly (I think I had mentioned something similar in my Ode to Molly post) because I think friendships that can withstand distance and time are pretty special. I think friendships are great that can go through some down time but pick up where they left off!!

Tomorrow I will share an extra special post in memory of an extra special friend. I want to look over it a little more before I post it.. but I poured a lot of thought and heart into it.

Have a relaxing Sunday. Hope you had a lovely weekend like I did. I think everyone should text, call, message or find some means of getting in contact with an old friend and let them know you're thinking of them. :) I know that kinda' stuff makes my day..

Oh, right now.. I'm going to gather to some things and head off to Brownsville to visit my family and then later on in the evening, I'm going to shoot some engagement photos at the church I went to when I was wee little. Pretty neat, huh?

xo, Linds

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