Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good ol' B'ville

Yesterday I got stuck on the other side of the railroad tracks in Brownsville while doing some paperwork with a family. I'm probably the only person in the line of cars waiting to cross that was not at all upset by this, and actually maybe even thrilled! I stopped the cruiser down the road a bit further to snap another picture of a character on one of the coal cars. Then while at a stop light downtown,  I spotted a couple tags on the door and window of an abandoned looking building. I love snapping pictures of trains whenever I can.

Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone I was actually having fun while I was on the clock!

Speaking of Brownsville, I'm getting dinner earlier this evening with two of my High School friends from Brownsville. I feel like I don't get to see my friends very much. No fingers being pointed.. I am very much guilty of not putting forth the effort. I am excited to see them, though. Kelsey is one of my very best friends. I love her!

Off to get ready! I am fashionably late at everything I do!

xo, Linds

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  1. linds i love your layout now,its adorable... I havent been on i hate not having the internet...Hopefully i have it back soon..
    Miss you