Sunday, July 17, 2011

The carrier


Last  payday, I splurged and got a little somethin' for the ferrets. They got a new carrier for traveling! The Easter Bunny had brought as a very nice, black mesh bag with a strap back in April BUT the quickly realized, with their little, sharp nails, they could dig at the mesh windows enough to tear a hole and poke their little noses out! So, the holes began to grow and grow and the silver duct tape was not stylish nor safe. It just wasn't cuttin' it anymore! We finally got thee classic pet carrier. Not as cute and not as easy to carry, but it gets the job done. No more digging and no more little ferret noses popping out! I actually feel a whole lot safer with them being in this. I know it's kind of far fetched but if anything were to happen to me while driving, they are a lot less likely to get hurt in a wreck of anything like that. It's just a very legit case. We haven't done much traveling yet besides back and forth to my parents house, but it's good to know if we did, I could hook up a food bowl and water bottle, as well. It was the cheapest, smallest carrier you could buy but I'm pretty pleased with my purchase. They seem to like it, too. They have the option of going into the carrier any time they like when they running around the house. I've saw them all checkin' it out but you are most likely to find Ick rolling around in it. They love any kind of small, safe, cuddly hiding place.


Last night, we actually did get to put the carrier to good use. We took the ferrets out to sniff and run around a little bit. First, we took them to a graveyard. Ick was lucky enough to have the freedom of being off the leash. However, Lux still scares me a little so I keep him with a harness on. You should have saw Ick hopping around between the tombstones! He doesn't really run, he just hopped all over! It was so cute. If we take him back sometime when the sun is out, maybe I can get a video. That would be a good idea! After that, we went to a school to let them run around the parking lot and the stairs and whatnot. They seemed to enjoy that, too. I think they were starting to get a little worn out, though. Lux actually gave up at one point and laid on his back on the pavement and looked up at me. At that point, we let them take a little nap in the carrier while Michael and I hung out and snapped a couple more pictures. After that, we wanted to take the camera up to the parking garage to see what we could see, so they came with us there. They stayed in the carrier because that seemed a little dangerous. After that we headed home and they passed out pretty quickly. So many new, exciting things to smell and dig at! I love ferret adventures and I'm glad we have safe means to do so now.

We are ready to load up again here shortly to head over my parents house. They will get to play with Hans and Dolb! I bet they will be excited. I'm sure they missed playtime and cuddle time with those, too! We all got pretty use to their company after their week long sleepover! It was bit of a handful, though! Twice as much little sneaky weasels to watch and twice as much ferret poop! It was fun, though. :)

It seems like such a hassle to dig up my printer and scanner so since I will have access to an already working one at my parents today, I'll see if I can scan my few instax over there. I tried taking pictures of the pictures but it just doesn't cut it! Maybe I will try to gather up all my old instax photos, as well, and share them all! I only have 6 photos left on the camera and then one more pack left and it will be time to order some more film! I love instant photos so much but my supply is limited so when I take the pictures, I feel like they have to be very well planned, unfortunately! I wish I had a never ending supply! Having an actual photo in your hands is unlike anything else! I also realized that yesterday after printing off the maternity pictures I took for a friend. It's so much more satisfying to physically have your work in your hands! I ought to print pictures more often.

I also realized that I have no photos of my instax camera and I don't believe I ever properly intoduced Nixon the Nikon on my blog. I got a sweet compliment on my camera collection above my kitchen shelves from a visitor the other night, so I'd like to show off that collection, too! So much to do.

As for today, I'm going to attempt to take a photo an hour. I'm just going to do this via instagram for easy access. Expect to see that soon, also.

Have a relaxing Sunday. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

xo, Linds

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