Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Train Yard, Day Four

These photos are from a little visit to the train yard earlier this month. I've been doing pretty good at sharing our train yard eye candy monthly so I figured I better do so because this month is about to expire. Crazy how fast November came and went.

xo, Linds

Monday, November 28, 2011

Trundle Manor

If you are in the Pittsburgh area and you are into taxidermy, anatomy, vintage, creepy, and generally all things odd... you must check out Trundle Manor. We booked a visit earlier this month when Molly was back in Pennsylvania. It was not a disappointment. I actually can't believe I haven't heard of this place sooner. The residents are as polite as can be and were kind enough to show us all over their lovely home and answer any questions we had. I could spend hours there looking over every detail and trinket. I didn't want to leave. It certainly inspired me to collect and create and use my wildest imagination. I suspect another visit in the future and this time I will know that it is too big of a job for my iPhone to capture!

Go to the Trundle Manor website... click HERE.

xo, Linds

Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 Days Till Asbury Park, New Jersey

Excuse my lack of a countdown. I missed the 40 day mark, but I will share the pictures for it in another post. Corpsey happens to be visiting at the moment and I'm using her charger cord for my laptop. We are both without completely functioning laptop. We've got some awful luck with technology.

Anyway, without further ado.. here is some more beautiful Asbury Park, New Jersey....

I'm having a really good Sunday. It was I should pull myself away from the computer to hang out with my company....

xo, Linds

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things I'm Thankful For

Originally for the month of November, I had thought about doing a series of posts pertaining to all the things I'm thankful for. It sounds easy.. you know, the basics.. friends, family, pets, home, food, and clothing. The essentials to living. It's much more complex than that, though. There are a million little things I am grateful for on a daily basis. In fact, when I started this blog back in May, my main focus was to try to teach myself how to have a better outlook on life and stay positive and appreciate all the little details in life. I think this whole blog is a pretty beautiful testament to all the things I am thankful for. When I started brainstorming a list of all the things I wanted to share, an image came to mind. I'm not sure how I ever came across this illustration but like many great things, the internet lead me to this beauty. I think this sums up everything quite perfectly and adorably.

I think I would love to own this print. You can admire and purchase artwork and illustrations by Laura George HERE at her Etsy shop.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you are feeling as blessed as I am today!

xo, Linds

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Urban Decay: The Shopping Plaza

From what I heard, unsafe foundation is to blame for this deserted shopping plaza. Not to worry, all the same businesses have sprouted up less than a mile down the street. It's just disturbing how fast things change. The toy store of my childhood, my favorite destination for Chinese food as a teenager, the first WalMart I have ever personally known to exist, and so many others.... all gone. What future does this shopping plaza have other than to rot away in the middle of town, in front of so many other thriving businesses.

xo, Linds

All photos on this post are copyright of Lindsey Evans.

Essence of Autumn

These photos below are from a couple years ago when my parents and I took a trip to the mountains to snap some pictures of all the fall colors in their prime. I think these photos really capture the essence of Autumn. So vibrant, beautiful, and peaceful.

It's a shame that it seems to be the shortest season. Let's savour it as long as we can....

xo, Linds

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Urban Decay Photography: The Lumber Yard

Here's another little hidden gem in Brownsville. It appears to be a hot spot for skateboarders and artists. My favorite features of this structure? The large broken window panes. From inside, you can see the Lane Bane Bridge out the windows. It's also near railroad tracks and the river. Perfect location. The ceiling is starting to collapse, but it makes an awfully pretty skylight. In a section of the building, it is actually two stories. I've only ventured up the stairs once since I've been visiting. I especially love the large puddles of water that can constantly be found inside. The reflections make for gorgeous photographs. I don't really know much about the history of the Lumber Yard and how it has made it to the point in time, but I do know that it has aged beautifully.

xo, Linds

All photos on this post are copyright of Lindsey Evans.