Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love  you!

It's another appropriate holiday to share an old photograph. Today is my dad's birthday. :) I miss him. I feel like I don't get to see him very much because I speak to my mother on the phone every day on my way to work and Corpsey texts me any time throughout life. I really only go home about once a week. If I'm lucky, twice. I do get homesick. It's a strange, profound feeling since I AM home now. I'll share some more thoughts on that at a later point if I can find the right words.

As for today, Michael is, unfortunately, working the majority of the day. He hasn't worked a Saturday in a while so it's kind of strange being home alone for the biggest chunk of the day. I shouldn't be alone for too, too long, though, because I believe my mother is stopping over to visit and help me out with a couple things around the house. I really need to clean. We've acquired so much lately. It seems like nothing really has a place around here. So not only does it need to be literally cleaned, but it needs reorganized and arranged to just work better for us.

I'd much rather sit on the couch in the air conditioner and watched Mad Men on Netflix. I need some serious motivation right about now......

xo, Linds

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