Saturday, July 23, 2011

Collecton: Tote Bags & Purses

So.. I'm not real sure to say about this "collection". I don't know if you could call it that, seeing as purses are a typical thing for girls to have and continually buy... BUT I will say that I do think I have some rather awesome tote bags and purses, some that I bought myself and some that were really sweet gifts, and I want to share them with the world. :)

Thought this one was funny and so very true. ;)

My sister sewed me up this one so it is extra special!
I love it.. such pretty colors and patterns together and most importantly.. made with love. :)

I got this one from a neat hippie/head shop down in Morgantown, West Virginia.
It's one of my favorites because of all the colors and textures.

Self explanatory.... :)
Michael bought me this one as an anniversary present.
Vulgar and to the point... what else could be said about David Bowie?

I had been wanting a backpack purse for a while when I came across this one at Target.
This sounds terrible but I still haven't used it yet... It's waiting for a special adventure.
I patched and pinned it all up as if I were in high school again...
I feel all nostalgic and get hearts in my eyes when I look at it.
Check out some details:

My favorite bands.. so, of course, a tote bag is necessary.

I bought this one at the Pittsburgh Zoo.
I think I spent a little more than I would have liked on it.
I turn into a KID when I'm in any kind of souvenir shop and I just HAVE TO get SOMETHING.
I do love this purse, though. I love repeated patterns and the polka-dot material inside makes me smile.

This one was a gift from my sister.. Christmas, I do believe.
It reminds me of New Jersey because that's where we head after every Christmas. It's tradition now.
Plus, the whole mythical sea creature thing reminds me of some architecture in Asbury Park.

This one is also a gift from my sister.
For Easter!! So the rabbit is totally appropriate.
I always wonder what people who have not saw Donnie Darko think about this one..

xo, Linds

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