Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was lovely. It was full of family, friends, delicious food, and swimming!!! My parents made mini peperoni rolls, chicken, ribs, mashed potatoes, and seafood pizza. For desert, we had ice cream and a patriotic cake, which homemade icing. Yummmm. We all went swimming. Apparently, making it in the pool by Memorial Day is something to be proud of. It's a great way to kick off the start of summer. Now I'm really looking forward to it a lot more then I was. I can't wait to visit home to do some swimming and enjoy the sun out on the deck! Our friends, Jessica and Aaron stopped over to take a dip, as well. I thought I'd share a few snapshots, mostly from around my parents backyard. I swear it's the prettiest, most magical looking place ever! Home, sweet home.

 These potted flowers are thee most gorgeous ones I've saw in a while.

 The pool.

 A patriotic cake, with homemade icing!

 More pretty flowers, growing on vines, on the side of the garage.

 Old Glory, hanging off the front porch.

 Lots of bird feeders for all the wildlife.

 Wind chime tree.

 Mother's Day present in the rock garden.

Fountain with water plants and a hanging candle in the garden.

xo, Linds

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Lumber Yard

I know this is a long overdue post. Since I'm headed out to that area today, it reminded me! Here's a special little peak at one of my favorite photo spots full of such lovely artwork and colors. I snapped there with my phone last time we stopped by when we were in the area. Enjoy!

I'm not at all looking forward to the heat outside! It's suppose to be like 90!!! I'm going to visit my parents and have a little cookout for Memorial Day! I think this is a good time to let go of my own daily hardships and problems and take a step back and look at the bigger picture of what I have to be thankful for! Hope you can all find it in your heart to do the same today!

xo, Linds

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ferret Fun

I just had to specially share this precious photo of Ichabod! Oh my goodness, this ferret is SOOO photogenic! I have never saw such a thing! Seriously. How cute is he?!?!

We're looking forward to getting two things in the mail soon!!!!

The Marshall Super Thru-way. They just loved the 2 foot tube we picked up at Petsmart. So of course, we had to get something even bigger and better! This one expands up to 20 feet!!! What are we going to do with it?! Well, I don't know yet. Maybe we can cut it into smaller sections or maybe it will just expand the whole way down the hall way of our apartment. It's specially designed for ferrets and the best part is.. it's clear! It's going to be so much fun! We can't wait!

Yogies!!!!!! Our ferrets are in LOOOVE with Yogies! It's absolutely their favorite treat!! We use to get them at a local pet store called Pet Supplies Plus (Where we had bought Hans, Dolby, and Ick!). However, the store recently went out of business and they were the only place that we knew of that sold Yogies!!! We are slowly running out of the last of our  Yogies supply so I decided to go on a hunt to see if I could order them online! You most definitely can! We've got two containers coming to us, so I think we'll be set for a little while!

xo, Linds

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Collection - Littlest Pet Shop

I have all kinds of interesting things throughout my house. I'm going to start showing you some peeks of what all this includes. I have some random collections of things that I would like to share, as well.

Pictured here is most of my Littlest Pet Shop collection. How did this all get started? I had to have one because they're just generally soooo CUTE! Animals, with BIG heads and BIG eyes!? What's not to love? So it started out as just buying one to satisfy my childish needs and then next thing I know, I purchased 3 more. I was gifted about 14 of them for my birthday and as various surprises from my sister and my friend, Jason, and my very best friend, Kelsey and her lovely boyfriend, Will. The Easter bunny brought me one. Not long ago I found a set that included a raccoon, chihuahua, and ferret. I had been wanting the ferret one for a while (for obvious reasons) and so when I came across it, I just HAD to have it. Then most recently, at Pike Days, I came across a box full at Pike Days and I picked out 9 of them for just 50 cents a piece! (Including another ferret!) So here's my Littlest Pet Shop Army. ;)

Also, on a little outing to Goodwill, I found this Littlest Pet Shop dollhouse/playhouse for 2 dollars!! 'What a good find!! These are actually quite expensive when you get them brand new! This one was a little dusty and probably missing some props, but it's just perfect for my little crew.

The whole set up is proudly displayed on a top shelf so the ferrets don't try to take 'em and hide 'em from me under the couch!!

I can guarantee this collection will be growing and I'll be sure to update you on it! Also, don't be surprised if you see these cute, little creatures popping up some of my photos! They make great little props.

Don't judge me. I'm a kid at heart, if you didn't already know. :)

xo, Linds

Friday, May 27, 2011

More pets

 Since I already did some large posts on my other pets, I wanted to make sure these other little critters that live in my household did not get looked over and forgotten.

I have 4 hermit crabs. Most of them are from North Carolina when I went to visit Molly. We've took in a few more since so I've kinda' lost track of who is who between all the shell swappin'. The one pictured below is, unfortunately, not with us anymore.
My home is currently also home for 2 newts. My sister, Laura, has a bunch of them in a large tank at her house that her and her boyfriend caught. She brought me over 2 to take care of and enjoy. It's hard to know, but I hope they're happy with their little habitat, free from all the dangers of the outside.

More interesting posts in the works, I promise. I've been enjoying my time off work so very much. Sleeping in has been my favorite thing. :)

xo, Linds

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today I'm taking some time to share some things that have inspired, motivated, or influenced me. This can include anything from crafty or creative projects or ideas or general artworks to anything fashion and style-wise that I admire or strikes me as outstanding. From now on, I'll work harder to gather my findings (mostly via Tumblr and Pintrest) and document and share them. :)

(Wearing makeup in the summer time is an awful experince for me. This peachy keen makeup looks so fresh and simple.)

( I have quite a collection of anchor items. Especially jewelry. I would love to have this. One of these pay days, I will deserve it!)

 Elizabeth's gorgeous hair fond via Delightfully Tacky
(Need I say more? It takes a lot of work for my hair and bangs to even look half as good. I love her dark hair.)

 Hert's color scheme found via Dualities' Flikr
(Pretty pastels! Some of the best color schemes can be found on trains, ya' know.)

 Greyhounds found via The Animal Blog
(Oh, I miss having a dog soooo much!)

Bowler hats found via Souvenirs of a Girl
(I have a black bowler that my friend gave to me as a gift when I graduated High School. He knew of my love for The Adicts and A Clockwork Orange and the whole style. These are sooo pretty!)

(I'm not actually into the whole Keep Calm thing, but there is something sweet about these ones.)

(There are times when I don't want to carry a purse but I need to bring things on adventures. Perfect example of when you need an adorable backpack purse. This one is a bit too expensive for me but I wish!)

(Will I ever be so lucky to own something created by Skunkboy Creatures? I sure hope so!)

(I already own a pair of black ones but I think I'd love to have them in like.. every color!)

And last but not least.... The ultimate way to stay inspired...
(Well, I only have 2 clipboards, but I do have a whole room that need converted into a inspirational space!)

xo, Linds