Friday, July 8, 2011

Polyester Rash on Etsy

Hello! I'm so glad it's Friday! For some reason, it seems like it was the longest week, even though I was off work Monday for the 4th! This week really seemed to drag on!

This evening, I had a nice dinner with Alex, followed by a super quick shopping trip for some things for the pets. It was payday today. Sometimes you just have to splurge and treat yourself to some thing special. It's nice to see the hard work truly pay off.

Anyway, here's something I'm pretty pumped about...

My dear friend, Molly, finally opened up an Etsy shop. I'm so excited! She will be adding more plushies and art sculptures in the near future, so keep your eyes open! I've been waiting for her to open a shop for some time now. She is SO very talented and I'm so glad others will be able to own and admire her work! :)

xo, Linds

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