Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog Guest: Corpsey

Hi. Today is extra special because I'm letting my sister, Laura (aka: Corpsey) have the spotlight on my blog today. I was working on a little raccoon update but I realized that it would be much more in depth, on point, and sentimental if it came straight from the raccoon mama' herself. I asked her to write a little something up when she had time and she agreed! Perhaps I'll let my friends and family help out with posts on my blog more often because I think this is REALLY neat!!! :) Enjoy.


First off, it must be stated that neither raccoon is allowed a name. I was too critical of my boyfriend's pick. I'm sorry, he is not racist but it sounded worrisome. However, being a crazy mother I ended up with secret names that will eventually come to be known. Gnaghi is the little girl. She's named after a Cemetary Man character. It's kind of gender neutral. She has been with me for four weeks now. She's grew a lot. Her eyes have become less cloudy and more alert. She's taken on a slim playful stance rather then the shaky infant walk from weeks past. She loves eggs and attempting to eat chicken. She still wants to nurse. She will often suckle on my arm or wrist until she falls asleep. I can tell she is still missing the bottle. The little boy is going on three weeks of living with us. I let my friend Jess name him Peako after her begging. Only to find out she's named five other animals the same name at a friend's farm. He may need something new, perhaps of the same movie. His favorite food seems to be bananas. They both are converting from baby formula, baby rice, and jar baby food mixed bottles to stuff a little thicker. I already miss that bonding time with feeding, but we remain close. They will follow at my feet for walks around outside. When I stop they climb up my legs up to my shoulder. They listen well to commands and have been working towards being litter trained. The only real problem right now is Peako has nipped at his Grandma (my Mom) on several occasions while she was tending to him or trying to bath him. This has always been when I walked away. He has been very clingy with me. This may have something to do with him losing his mother. Or as I worry, having been taken. She was found abandoned, but he was picked up by some patch drunk guy for us leaving him abandoned. In my mind, I believe his mother may have still been close.. I'll never know. They both really seem to like just hanging out on the couch. They also do well with baths. I sometimes get little massages from their little hands on mine. It's always something new to look forward to. The other day they learned how to climb trees over my parents'. This upcoming week I'm going to babysit a baby boy raccoon named Alex while a friend goes to Florida. It shall be a handful to say the least. My two are in the office bathroom napping now. Somehow typing up this update was put in front of work today.


Thank you, Corpsey. :) I will share pictures that both Laura and my mother took of their tree climbing experience at a later date. SO cute!

xo, Linds

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