Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dolby & June's Birthday Party » Pt. 1

Dolby and June both had a Birthday mid-March. Dolby turned 2 and it was June's 1st Birthday this year. I think we are going to carry on the tradition of having ferret Birthday parties. They are just too cute and fun and oh my, some of these photos are serious gems. With all the computer troubles towards the beginning of the year, I'm still playing catch up. I just finally got around to sorting through them and touching them up a bit. While doing so, I began thinking about how many actual good quality photos of ferrets that I have. The amount is ridiculous. I personally think they capture their little personalities quite well, too. I have a lot more photos from the party so I'm going to break them up into several posts.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Fayette County Welcomes You

About a month or longer ago, my absolute best friend, Kelsey, had told me that her and her newlywed husband, Will, found a house for rent back home in Fayette County. I tried not to get my hopes up just in case things didn't fall through. You know, sometimes that happens, but it appears that everything is going smoothly. It's a time consuming process of making a decision, paperwork, finding new employment, and packing and unpacking and getting everything just right and just generally adjusting to it all! She's been a little busy lately but I'm hoping to see her this weekend! Though I'm missing her like crazy, I remember what it was like getting my apartment to feel like home. Honestly, till this day, I'm still rearranging and adding things here and there to make it our own. I can't wait to finally be able to see the place and even more so, just looking forward to all the new opportunities and fun times this will bring about. I know this is a big step and a big change for the two of them, but as I had said before, I consider these two to be some of my closest friends and I'll do anything in my power to help during these new and exciting times.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Days

I'm pretty happy today. It's unusual for a Thursday but let me tell you why....

First of all, look at these photos of Ick. I took these a while back when I was home visiting with the ferrets. They really weren't too pumped at all about the ball pit like you'd think, but it did make for a super cute photo op.

I'm just glad to be home.. after a long day at work, with no break. Plus, it is Thursday, so that means, no children at work tomorrow because it's Friday. No children till Monday. I do love my weekends. Plus, coming home to these little furry critters.. all  5 of them. On top of that, Michael was off today so I got to see him earlier than 10PM. That's a good reason to be happy.

But... what is making me even happier this week? Well, Tuesday I found out that 2 of my favorite bands are stopping in the Pittsburgh area within the next few months.... The Bouncing Souls and Modest Mouse.

Of course, you know, The Bouncing Souls are my all time favorite but it's been a few years since I've saw them in my own city. It cannot compare to the shows in Jersey, I know that much, but it was be very convenient and I'm looking forward to it very much. I can't wait to check out their new record.

As for Modest Mouse, I've been pretty jealous for the last couple years over the fact that Michael got to see Modest Mouse before. I was beginning to think I'd never ever get to see them because they are constantly over seas or just playing here or there, never anywhere close.

So.. I got tickets to both this week and it's definitely something I'm pretty excited about. If you know me, you know how giddy concerts make me. This makes my summer.. no matter what other crappy situations are going on currently or are going to happen within the next few months.

I was seriously very close a couple times on splurging and buying tickets to see Modest Mouse in Atlantic City at some big festival. Going to Atlantic City, in general, is something that's been on my list of things to do, but I know deep down how much I loathe festival concerts and getting the time off work and the drive.. it just would have been a hassle all around.

I was also close at some point to buying tickets to see the Souls in Philly because I was going to withdraw of seeing them. In hindsight, I'm so glad I never got crazy and went through with purchasing tickets to either of these. This is so much better.

I would like to believe this is one of those  "everything happens for a reason" things but I'm not sure if I believe that. Though, sometimes it's nice to.

However, I know The Adicts are playing in Cleveland next month and I love The Adicts.. hands down, some of the best, most entertaining shows I've ever attended. Plus, the first time I saw them was also in Cleveland at Peabody's. Brings back so many good memories, but as for funds and time off work, I'm not sure sure the stars are completely aligned for me.

Not completely, but close.

I must mention, too, that Primus is coming back to Pittsburgh. It really hasn't been that long since I was fortunate enough to see them, but I think they are another band I could see time after time and never get enough. I haven't got tickets for that, but I think it is something I'd like to do. If not, I'm sure I'll kick myself for it when the day comes and I'm not there.

Oh, and Tim Barry is playing at the 31st Street Pub in Pittsburgh next week. I first saw him several years ago when he and The Gaslight Anthem opened up for The Souls in Pittsburgh. I fell completely in love and I haven't had the opportunity to see him again yet. I'm thinking this is something that need to happen and there isn't really any reason that it shouldn't.

One more thing, I was just reminded when I typed that, The Gaslight Anthem is coming out with a new record. In fact, I just read they are releasing the first single off of it very soon. That is also another new record I can't wait to hear! But you know what that means... new record calls for a tour. Let's cross our fingers that Pittsburgh is on their agenda!

Okay, so that is probably more than a few things to be happy about. Let me soak it all in.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mail Day » Danny Brito

My best friend, Molly, also has a Birthday in April. I decided to mail her a sweet little gift. She has sent me some of her amazing art and thoughtful little cards since she's been down South. So, I figured it was my turn to do something nice in return. Oh, and also just for the fact that she's awesome and beautiful. Along with some other random, interesting junk, I sent her a framed print of Teen Witch by Danny Brito. I've been a follower of Danny Brito's Blog, Tumblr, and Instagram for a while so I was very pleased to have an opportunity to finally show my support and place an order. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little jealous that it wasn't going to stay hanging on my pretty blue wall, but I know she would love it just as much as I do and it would look just as lovely in her North Carolina home. To make it even more personal, I added an old frame that had just been collecting dust in my apartment. I painted the frame a bright magenta color and mixed in some glitter paint. I'm really pleased with how the finished product turned out.  The frame was still a little beat up and missing a hook, but thanks to the clever ideas floating around the world wide web, I just snapped the tab off of a soda can, nailed it on, and it was as good as new! After this little project, I feel like I've been non-stop lurking the internet for all kinds of special paintings, illustrations, and prints to purchase as soon as I get the funds. I just want to cover my walls in inspiration like this and admire it all day long!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

My Other Fur Babies

Chico and Furfur left Easter weekend to go home to their original owner, Michael's brother, in Brownsville. I knew we were only doing a favor and they were only here for a period of time while he was away for work but how could I not get completely attached? Luckily, they came "home" over the weekend. Home, as in back to our house. Yes, they had an accident on the way over in the carrier and were smelling pretty awful, but I was still as ecstatic as ever to have them back. It was honestly only 2 weeks apart but I consider these little fur babies to be like my own. I can't lie, it's a lot of work on mine and Michael's part. Going from 3 to 5 ferrets makes a huge difference, but when it comes down to it, I'm happy to give them a safe, loving home to stay at, where they have a ton of toys, treats, and get plenty of exercise and time outside the cage. Not to mention, a never ending supply of pets, kisses, and affection. Ick, Lux, and June always seem to enjoy having more playmates around the house too!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Windowsill Garden

Happy Earth Day. Happy Sunday.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Hill

Visiting HOME is always a good time. My sister has about as much visually pleasing junk as I do. Just about. It's interesting what you can learn about a person just by the items they own.

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