Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekend recap

Michael and I just got our first record player about 6 months ago? That is a guess, but sometime within the past year. I have been working hard to acquire some sort of collection of vinyls of my own. The majority of what we do have is a huge collection my sister and I got passed down to us from our aunt. These include, mostly KISS and The Cure. Some Depeche Mode, R.E.M., Cheap Trick, and Rocky Horror Picture Show. You catch my drift.
'Throw in a little bit of handed down Alice Cooper and Led Zeppelin from my own mother. My sister and I found some David Bowie and Neil Young through various flea markets and I, myself, have scored Jimi Hendrix, The Clash, Queen, and The Grass Roots from thrifty adventures here and there. As for newly purchased, I've been recently gifted The Adicts and I bought myself Leftover Crack a while back and I had ordered Michael Modest Mouse for Christmas, I believe. I'm probably leaving out some really great ones, but for now, I think this gives you a pretty accurate depiction of what our record shelf is looking like.

Long story short, earlier the previous week, Michael had been wandering around town and stopped into The Dusty Attic. The Dusy Attic is a really neat consignment shop that is near by my house. Only problem is, it is only open till about 3PM, daily. Working full time kinda' scratches that idea for me and forget about waking up early on the weekends! Well,  Michael had text me while I was at work to inform me that he found a Bruce Springsteen record but didn't have any money on him to get it at the time. So, FINALLY, Michael, Laura (my sister), and I finally made it in to The Dusty Attic check it out early Saturday morning before Michael had to be at work. I did grab up Bruce and I also found the one and only Billy Joel in a box of one dollar vinyls! Score!

After dropping Michael off at work, Laura and I headed to Marcel's. Marcel's is an interesting little pottery store alongside the highway. They sell a variety of cement lawn ornaments and a ton of other random, offbeat holiday decorations and house decor. The two of us went there with every intention of leaving with a gift for my mother's for Mother's Day. We were certain we would find something there for her and we did. For my mother, we bough, a pretty decent sized cement sea turtle to go in her rock garden, a ceramic snowman that holds a candle, a boat ore with pegs to hang things on it that reads "Sail away with me" and another sea themed wall decoration that said "Home is where the heart is" that will also go perfectly in the room she has been redecorating in a sorta' cottage by the sea style.

Among these findings, I also picked out a few things for myself. How could I not? I found 2 ADORABLE flower pots, with kinda' vintage type brightly colored flowers and insects on them! I ran home to fill them with dirt and planted some random, wild flower seeds. I've been watering them and keeping them in the sun. I will let you know if I get any progress!!! Another strange thing I came across mixed in with the Easter decorations were these LOVELY hand painted eggs. The particular ones I found were painted to look like paintings by Gustav Klimt!! He is one of my favorite artists. These were just so interesting that I had to buy one of each of the different interpretations of his paintings!

Earlier Saturday evening, I got a visit from one of my best friends, Kelsey, and her boyfriend, Will, while they were home visiting Pennsylvania before they head down to Disneyland this week! So jealous! It's always a pleasant time hanging out with those two. It doesn't happen enough, unfortunately, but we will work on that!! They brought me a pack of 8 new Littlest Pet Shop toys to add to my ridiculously cute, yet ridiculously dorky collection! (You'll see more of that another time!) Will and Michael watched movies while Kelsey and I caught up and reminisced, admired some beautiful blogs and surfed the web. It was a great time. She left me with a book on The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. A few things she had quoted from the book caught my attention so I'm excited to read through a little bit of it. It's been a while since I've sat down and read anything but it's something I wish I took more time out to do because I really enjoy it!

Even later Saturday night, Michael and I made a appearance at our friend Justin's 21st Birthday shindig. I have known Justin (aka: Delb) since he was 15. I remember going to his 16th Birthday party. We were both so young! Those were my favorite times of meeting new people and enjoying the new freedoms of having my license and going to shows every weekend! Delb's get together was in some kid's dad's warehouse. It was a neat setting and full of good tunes, skateboarding, and drunkenness. Of course, I did some shots with the Birthday boy. Jagermeister and then some rum! I don't know if I want to say yum or yuck! Drinking sometimes sounds appealing just for the simple fact that it tends to go hand in hand with seeing my friends .A party is usually just an excuse to enjoy the company of all my friends in one place.

On to Sunday... My sister and I met my parents for a Mother's Day dinner at Vinny's Drive-In. Vinny's is kind of an old fashioned fast food joint, which, I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of! Now I have another reason to go back, though! I always have a great time with my parents. They're truly my best friends. It was good to be able celebrate Mother's Day, even though I am grateful for my mother every day for as much as she does for me and cares about me.

I had every intention of creating a blog post today to introduce my ferrets and other critters but I think I'll save that for a later time. I'm still contemplating the best way to present something that is SO important to me!

xo, Linds

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