Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A week in Instagrams 5.16.11

I'm back for the weekly "A week in Instagrams". These are some snapshots throughout the past week.  Thought I better get these posted since we're almost to hump day already! Enjoy!

1. More chocolate milk love! I can't seem to part with my nearly empty bottles of chocolate syrup. You never know when you might just need another squirt to make one more glass. So currently, there's about 4 of them on my kitchen counter. I also loathe grocery shopping so I try to make things last as long as possible.
2. There's are my salt and pepper shakers! Aren't they the cutest thing everrrr? I got them from Stapes Treasure Trove shop on Etsy. Speaking of Etsy, I think I deserve a pat on the back. I've done a swell job of avoiding excessive online shopping. Particularly from Etsy. It was getting kind of.. scary.
3. Here's a quick shot of Nixon. He was helping me out with some portraits of my LPS collection for an upcoming post. I realized that it's going to be kind of hard to introduce you to Nixon, seeing as.. how am I going to take a picture of my camera? So I'm sure you will get some lovely cell phone photos that will have to do.

4. Ichabod took a nap with Michael when he got home from work Sunday afternoon. They look too precious all snuggled up on the loveseat.
5. I believe I may have already posted this photo of Dolb and I, but oh well. Hans and Dolby had a little sleepover here earlier in the week. It's always a fun time.
6. It's rare to find Lux napping on the couch, so I had to take a picture. He napped next to me on the couch while I was surfin' the web and Michael and Ick napped on the loveseat Sunday afternoon, pictured in #4.

 10. One of my Pike Days finds! I took the photo especially to text it to Kelsey while she's still down in sunny Florida. Kelsey loves owls and she supports my LPS love 100%. She gets just as excited about them as I do, if not more, at times! :) I can't wait to hang out with her when she gets home!
11. A little snapshot of some things on my fridge; including; A pumpkin magnet that I made with the kids at work. An old Polaroid of an older lady that we found when we moved in the apartment. A Betty Boop magnet that my grandparents cut out of wood and painted, A magnet from when I was about in 5th grade. I collected aliens when I was younger. (See, I've been collecting for years!) A Bruce Springsteen magnet from The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Also, a sticker that says I love Caseys Buffet. Molly sent this bumper sticker up to me when she sent me the cute little birdie (pictured next). Casey Buffet was, indeed, delicious. I long to go back to North Carolina and to see Molly, but unfortunately, the time and funds are just not in my cards. :(
12. Nixon also helped me out with taking some pictures of some things Molly created and gave me. I'm planning on doing sort of an "Ode to Molly" type post. So hold tight for better pictures of these creepy, cute critters.

13. These 2 guitars belong to Michael's friend, Emilio. Not exactly sure how they ended up here or why they are still here, BUT I'm not complaining. They are easy on the eyes when I wake up and see them by my bedside every morning.
14. Michael's Pike Days find! He seriously LOVES this jacket. We took some silly photos with it. This is one of them. I think he called this one "Captain Abe and Moby Ick."
15. A beautiful flower I found growing out in the wild and an even more beautiful piece by Mean painted on the brick wall behind it. You will get a better look into this old lumber yard shortly. I've got lots of posts in the works.

xo, Linds

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