Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pike Days

Hello! It's been a busy day. Just wanted to made sure I was at least able to check in to say Happy Saturday!

Today is a very special day for people in the area... it's PIKE DAYS!! On Pike Days weekend, we celebrate the settlers visions by waking up in the early morning and setting out junk in our front yards and porches and sidewalks in hopes to sell it to total strangers. It's really a sight to behold. It has become somewhat of a tradition to go. Plus, you already know I'm a sucker for cheap stuff.

So I made my way to Brownsville at 7:30AM. (I've come to the realization that I really force myself to become a morning person.) Michael and I met with some of my family for some breakfast at the infamous 50's style diner, Fiddle's.

After a delicious breakfast of eggs, toast, sausage, and hashbrowns, we made our way down the Pike to see if there was any junk we couldn't live without!

The photo above has nothing to do with the apparent rapture that was suppose to happen today! (I'm still here!) I just thought it was an interesting collection of items that summed up the type of things you might find at Pike Days!

Castle Blood is a local haunted house. It's quite theatrical and interactive. Every year, they sell some of their old props. Being a lover of Halloween, (and all holidays, really), it's always a pleasure stopping by there!

So, Pike Days isn't really just all about buying junk. They have some pretty fun festivities set up. These are some horses that give wagon rides. There is also a large barn set up near this area with live entertainment (fiddles, banjos, and whatnot. We didn't catch any performances while we were there!). The food is a whole other story! It's not unusual to spend more money on food than on junk! Lots of delicious food grilled up or roasted up right before your eyes!

Another thing I particularly like about Pike Days is all the classic cars. It was such perfect weather this afternoon for cruising in a lovely vehicle such as this one. One year, Laura and I went in her hearse. That's about as close as we've got ourselves! But nonetheless, it sure is easy on the eyes to see these rolling by as I'm browsing for bargains or hiking up the sidewalks.

So what did I come home with?!
- Littlest Pet Shop! 9 of 'em!!! I found them for 50 cents a piece! I kind of regret not grabbing more. There was a box full! Though I'm sure now that some other little kiddos are going home happily with new additions to there Littlest Pet Shops! I would have posted pictures, but I'm saving all my LPS photos for an extra special post that I've been slowly working on about my strange, yet cute collection!
- A friendship bracelet. It's red and white. I'm not sure if it's actually little hearts or chevron stripes! Either way, it's cute! I love any kind of thread-like bracelet that I can just leave on forever. It was only a couple cents and the proceeds went towards... well, something or other. It was my good deed for the day!
- Michael and I picked up the Rumors vinyl by Fleetwood Mac. I think it will sound just lovely spinning on the player. As always, it's pleasing to add to the collection!
- Michael picked out a crazy ship captain costume that Castle Blood was letting go. He's super pumped about it! We've already been taking some goofy, serious pictures with it.
- We got a sweeeet Crown Royal belt buckle that we already gifted to Michael's brother!
- I found 2 pair of new sunglasses at our last stop! My most loved shades from previous summers are either missing an arm or are scratched up or the designs are starting to peel off! Such a bummer! It's was definitely time for some new ones.
- I also found 2 sets of button stud earrings. One is black and white stripes and the other is red and white stripes. I'm pretty predictable, I know. I like what I like!

So that's what we got into this morning! On our way home through Brownsville this afternoon, we also stopped at one of our favorite photo spots! I took some photos with my phone because I didn't feel like lugging Nixon up and down the streets, BUT I'm making it a point to go back there with him when the weather is nice like it was today! Maybe I'll make a post with some of these pictures as sort of a little teaser to some much bigger, better quality photos that I hope to be getting!

We've been lounging around the house this evening. Though it's Saturday, I don't think we've really got anything in store for tonight. It was a hot one today. I actually got a bit sun burnt! Between the heat and waking up early, I'm pretty beat!

By the way, I've got lots of posts and ideas in the workings. Feel free to get excited or something.

xo, Linds

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  1. jealous i soo wanted to go..
    Sounds like you got some awesome things...
    I need to find a piggy lps for tay,bc on top of thomas the train,she loves pigs..and i cant find any =/.
    But sounds like you had a lovely day.cant wait to go thriftinggg next week