Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hans and Dolby

Look how handsome!!!!!

In February of 2010, my sister and myself moved into this apartment. We're both crazy about animals, so getting a pet was a given. Even though we're not actually allowed. Shhhh! Well, small caged animals, but they didn't say how small the animal had to be or how BIG the cage could be. ;)

We were already fond of ferrets since my sisters boyfriend had owned one when they dated when they were younger.  Unfortunately, Maynard is already over the rainbow bridge. Here is Jeff and Maynard, some years ago..

And so there was a pet store in town that had ferrets and the rest is history. No, just kidding.We saw Hans in March and it was impossible to say 'no'. And so it begins.....

Hans Oswald

It was ferret love, indeed. Hans was our everything.

We took him everywhere. Having a ferret was a complete joy. They do have such antics. They're incredibly amusing. Soooooo mischievous and total sweethearts! They are a wonderful little critter.

Visiting family on Sunday afternoons.

Bath time!

Keno's, of course!

 Cookie monster!

However, there's a thing about ferrets. You can't just have one! It's true, I guess. It was in August. I really fought the idea of getting another ferret. This apartment is small and at the time we had 2 rats as pets, as well. It was too much. I really tried hard to stop my sister. Michael did not help. He instigated the whole thing! Sometimes when you bring a pet home, you can't help but wonder if it was a bad decision, but once you play with them and care for them and look into those little eyes, every single little doubt just melts away and it all just feels right. Perfect, even, and you can't imagine life without them. Pretty deep, I know, but it's true.

Dolby Digital "Dolberson"

In fact, Dolby became my best friend. I called him that. He was a curious little ferret, always getting into my business and wanting to be a part of what I was doing. So naturally, we spent a lot of time together.

Hans and Dolb with their wonderful mama.

And so that's how one ferret became two ferrets, all within a 6 month period!!! BUT oh, no..... the story does not end there........

Check back tomorrow to find out how Ichabod and Lux found there way into our home and into our hearts. :)

xo, Linds

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