Monday, May 9, 2011

Makes me wanna' sing along...

So, I thought I might owe some explanation for the blog title. I'm not going to lie, that may perhaps be one more reason it took me so long to get this thing up and running.

This particular line is from a song called "Sarah Saturday" by The Bouncing Souls. This song is about, as the lyrics go in the song, being able to "rise above these troubled times." Of course, with the help of music. Check out the lyrics and make your own interpretation some time.

I was doing some serious thinking on the title by searching for inspiration from 3 of my favorite artists:
- The Bouncing Souls. This band has been around for as long as I have been alive and I also think it's safe to say I've been listening to them for nearly half of my life. It's kind of like a long term relationship. If you stick around, I'm sure you will hear of my adventures to New Jersey and everything I have been through in the name of The Bouncing Souls!
- The Gaslight Anthem. It's been a long time since I have literally fell in love with a band but I am confident when I say that I am in love with Gaslight Anthem. I didn't think there were any bands nowadays that had so much stripped-down truth and soul behind every song. They never cease to give me chills when I listen to 'em!
- Bruce Springsteen. Well... it's THE BOSS! Need I say more????

So, I finally settled for "Like A Perfect Song..." because I felt that it summed up the feeling I got when I listened to any of these artists listed above. Yes, coincidentally (or maybe not?), they all come out of New Jersey. What can I say? New Jersey has a certain charm to it. The photographs, near the title, are photographs I took from a trip to Asbury Park, New Jersey in 2008. Remember the name of this town because I am sure it will pop up more than a few times throughout this blog. It's has become somewhat of a ghost town over the years, but I can't tell that it was once a magical, happening place and that's why I have such a special place for it in my heart!

This video for "I'da called you Woody, Joe" by The Gaslight Anthem features beautiful images of Asbury Park.

I also wanted to share the video for "Anchors Aweigh" by The Bouncing Souls for the same beautiful reasons but it wont let me embed it onto my blog. So, you can watch it here!!!!

Enough music rant. On a smaller note, today was an average Monday. You know, back to the grind. I ended up not having to go on the Kindergarten visit with some of my children. Instead, I stayed back with my children returning to Head Start next year and kind of gave an unprepared lesson on the life cycles of butterflies and frogs. Easy stuff. We spent the rest of the time outside since it was such  a lovely day today!

I have been in a lovehate relationship with my job at Head Start (If you don't know what Head Start is, it's sort of a pre-kindergarten for children ages 3 to 5.) for a little over 3 years now. There are some absolute perks with working here and I suppose like anything else, there are some major down sides to it. Remaining positive, I will just say, I have reached the point where I've come to the conclusion that I need to find a way to fall in love with my job again. So that is where I am at work-wise.

After work, I got a semi-surprise visit from my cousin, Alex. It was good playing catch up and making dinner together. I can only hope it wont be so long for us to be able to do that again but I understand. She is someone that I will always be comfortable around and know I've got a listening ear from, regardless of how long our absences are in each others lives when things get hectic.

Before the sun went down we managed to take the ferrets out for a quick stroll around the house. You will get to know our ferrets, Ichabod and Lux, much more in depth. That, I can promise. As for now, here's a little peak. This photograph is of Michael (My boyfriend, whom you will also hear lots more about!!!) photographing Ichabod outside our house with my Nikon.

Yes, the images on this post are both from Instagram. While my Nikon will certainly get his fair share of photographs featured on my blog, get use to Instagram because I'm kinda currently addicted. Follow me if you have it, as well!!! My username is lindsevans!

xo, Linds

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