Thursday, May 26, 2011


Today I'm taking some time to share some things that have inspired, motivated, or influenced me. This can include anything from crafty or creative projects or ideas or general artworks to anything fashion and style-wise that I admire or strikes me as outstanding. From now on, I'll work harder to gather my findings (mostly via Tumblr and Pintrest) and document and share them. :)

(Wearing makeup in the summer time is an awful experince for me. This peachy keen makeup looks so fresh and simple.)

( I have quite a collection of anchor items. Especially jewelry. I would love to have this. One of these pay days, I will deserve it!)

 Elizabeth's gorgeous hair fond via Delightfully Tacky
(Need I say more? It takes a lot of work for my hair and bangs to even look half as good. I love her dark hair.)

 Hert's color scheme found via Dualities' Flikr
(Pretty pastels! Some of the best color schemes can be found on trains, ya' know.)

 Greyhounds found via The Animal Blog
(Oh, I miss having a dog soooo much!)

Bowler hats found via Souvenirs of a Girl
(I have a black bowler that my friend gave to me as a gift when I graduated High School. He knew of my love for The Adicts and A Clockwork Orange and the whole style. These are sooo pretty!)

(I'm not actually into the whole Keep Calm thing, but there is something sweet about these ones.)

(There are times when I don't want to carry a purse but I need to bring things on adventures. Perfect example of when you need an adorable backpack purse. This one is a bit too expensive for me but I wish!)

(Will I ever be so lucky to own something created by Skunkboy Creatures? I sure hope so!)

(I already own a pair of black ones but I think I'd love to have them in like.. every color!)

And last but not least.... The ultimate way to stay inspired...
(Well, I only have 2 clipboards, but I do have a whole room that need converted into a inspirational space!)

xo, Linds

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