Monday, May 16, 2011

A week in Instagrams


It's time for the recap. This is pretty much a collection of photos from my Instagram from throughout the week. I'm trying a new format for my recap type posts. Input is welcome! Just a reminder: Click on the pictures to make them bigger. I know they're tiny!

1. My anniversary gift to Michael. All wrapped up in brown paper bag. I love cheerful wrapping paper, but there's something so old fashioned and sincere about the brown paper. I did order him something else, but it hasn't came in the mail yet. I'll take a picture once he gets it. It's really amusing!
2. This is what was all wrapped up! The Shins on vinyl. I don't know how else to describe it other than.. dreamy. Everything you heard about things sounding better on a record player.. it's true.
3. Here is the card I made for Michael. I could have gone out and bought one that said some very sweet things, but there is nothing like handmade. So I got out the watercolors and thew something together. Of course, a ferret portrait is fitting, since those little things are our world. I haven't messed with watercolors for some time, but it was fun! Fact: I actually love painting. I don't do it enough for how much I enjoy it.

4. I have a blue house and a blue car. That is all..
5.The dirt pile in the lot across from our house. I call this one "My empire of dirt". You know, from Nine Inch Nails - Hurt. I thought it was pretty fitting.
6. This is from my little stroll down the street to the post box. I mailed in my Littlest Pet Shop stickers to get the limited edition one! We'll see. Also, our Netflix movie that we have had from probably more than 2 months. Oops! These are the train tracks right below our house. This is actually a good aspect of our house. I love living near train tracks. It's something that will always remind me of HOME since I could always hear trains at my parents house, too.

7. Essentials! A weekend tradition. Must have waffles with peanut butter and butter and chocolate milk with Hershey's syrup. It's my favorite breakfast and probably one of my favorite things in general.
8. Saturday evening I went to a little place called Walt's Tavern. It's someplace I pass in my daily life but never could imagine going inside. My sister invited me out with her and our friends, Danielle and Pete was there. It was nice seeing old friends that I don't get to see very often. Believe it or not, in the small handful of times I've ever been to the bar since I turned 21, I have never actually drank in the bar. So this was a first! Only one shot of Jagermeister, but hey, that still counts. Yum!
9. A sticker on the side of my car. PENS! I had some great times watching hockey with my friends, Jenn and Kelsey. We don't get to hang out very much and I get very few channels on my television so I never get to see games. Thanks to technology, my phone kept me updated on the seasons and the games as they were actually happening. Pretty neat! I'd much rather be with my friends, though!
10. Maestro gets a bath every Sunday when I clean his cage! I think he enjoys it. I love this little birdie. You'll meet him later, too. I'm hoping to do a post on all my little creatures I've got here, with lots of pictures, of course.
11. Ironlak sticker on my car. You either get it or you don't. I would call my self a graffiti enthusiast. That sounds about right.
12. One of my newest editions to my Littlest Pet Shop family. It's a ferret!!! He came with a raccoon and chihuahua in a little gym type set. They have a have a couple other ferrets. I've been trying to find any! So when I saw it, I just had to have it.

xo, Linds

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