Friday, May 20, 2011

Gucci, Maestro, and Lux

In February, my sister decided to move out of our apartment and in with her boyfriend so our little family had significantly downgraded. Like I said, Ick was still our spoiled little baby so we were sure we could give him enough love and attention that he wouldn't be too heartbroken when Hans and Dolby left.

Hans and Dolby are Laura's and Ickabod is Michael's. So, I had been tossing the idea of getting my own pet for a while since all I technically had was my beta fish.


But finally, I caved in and made the commitment to get a bird. I had my heart set on a canary since we had one in our household from our grandma when I was younger. So, off to Your Pets we went.


I came home with a beautiful yellow canary. He is a male, so naturally, he sings. I named him Maestro.

After a bath!
In flight!

Well, I thought that was it. I had satisfied my longing for a pet and companion, but boy, was I wrong. Everyone had always joked that if I ever came across an all white ferret, I'd have to buy him, since we all have different types of ferrets. Hans is sable. Dolby is cinnamon. Ichabod is chocolate.

Well, I must not have as much of a strong will as I had thought. Especially when it comes to ferrets. Michael and I had been out thrifting at Red, White, and Blue thrift store out towards Pittsburgh one weekend and decided to stop at Petco to look around. That is where I found myself in THEE situation. A baby albino ferret looking at me through the glass. I obviously could not find it in my heart to say 'no'!

Prince Luxington Interior

I asked to hold him. Maybe that's where the problem started! Everyone knows you can't hold an animal at a pet store without taking it home!! We ended up talking to a sales associate for a good half hour, if not longer, while I held who was to become my little wonder, Lux. (Yes, named after the late Lux Interior of The Cramps.)

Lux ended up to be the trouble maker of the bunch. Well, I guess I had got use to how mellow Icky was. Lux was always up to something. He just wanted to play, play, play, even though Ick just wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep. He has got himself a bad reputation in the short 2 months he has lived here! Hans and Dolb could be quite mischievous and needed to be under supervision, as well, so of course, I couldn't be so lucky as to own two laid back ferrets!

He quickly learned to climb.
This is always a bad thing. A whole new level of things to get into and knock over!

The night he wanted to drink wine out of cups and got a little messy tasting chocolate ice cream!

Visiting Has and Dolby. Wrestling, of course.

As bad as he can be, when I hold him in my arms, he is a total sweetheart. I'm not going to lie, I had similar doubts and regrets, as I felt about Dolby, but once again, just look at this precious thing!!! I fell in love. Completely in love.

I think Ichabod also enjoys the company. It's good to see him have some one to wrestle and hop with. Lux is a perfect little playmate. A perfect cuddle buddy, as well.

Lux's addition to the family may not have been planned, but I feel like he completes our little family so well.

I'm so thankful to have these four little furry creatures in my life. It has been such a fun experience. Everyone else seems to enjoy their presence and their antics, too.

Getting some ferret love from Kelsey.

I hope you enjoyed this peak into our little world. These animals are a HUGE part of my life, so expect more updates and pictures on my blog in the future!

xo, Linds

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