Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Keno's Kinda' Day

The weather was just beautiful today. Maybe even too hot for my liking. Almost 80 out this afternoon! When I got home from work, I took a short walk to the post box to drop  a couple things in the mail and I quickly realized just how lovely it was outside and how I should probably take advantage of it before I regretted it. So, when I got back to the house, Michael and I decided to go for a walk into town to the gas station and to Keno's to, well, get some ice cream and shaved ice for dinner! I took the Nikon with me (FYI: I named my Nikon camera Nixon, in case I happen to refer to it by that). Sorry if this post is a little photo heavy but I wanted to share our adventure! In case you can't tell, urban decay and graffiti are two things I immensity enjoy photographing! You can click on all the photos to make them bigger and MUCH better quality!

Michael skating.

"People Helping People"
I live right across the railroad tracks from the Community Action buildings.

"Wealth is fake, love is real" in gold spray paint in pretty, neat cursive!

"Tonik" and "Jonas"


"Second Time Around" A consignment shop on Morgantown Street.
I've never been in there, but the name just kinda' brings a smile to my face!

"MCN" and "Jaskal"

"My heart stopped pumping but my blood is still alive"

And then.......  Michael and I stumbled across THEE most MAGICAL looking place, filled with trees and vines, right in the middle of town between a hidden door that just so happened to be unlocked!
And finally......


We ate our ice cream and shaved ice at the fountain by the parking garage.



That's all I have for now! I'm trying to take this blogging thing at a slow and steady pace so I have plenty to share every day. I have a couple ideas I'm tossing around but we'll have to see how they play out!

xo, Linds

All photos on this post are copyright of Lindsey Evans.

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