Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A week in Instagrams 5.23.11

Better late than never. :)

1. A very special pizza for Laura, Michael, and I to kick off the start of my vacation. We were all so lucky to all be off work by early Monday afternoon to spend the day together and go on an adventure.
2. Michael taking a break on the railroad bridge on our walk.
3. I don't know who Sanford is, where he's from, or how old these tags are but there's something so simple about them that I like and that really stands out to me.
4. This photo got skipped over last week somehow, so I'm including it in this week. I first noticed this book when I started working at my job about 3 years ago and this is the first I've actually got a good picture of it. "Too Many Puppies" ....A Barbie book or a Primus song? :) This will always be funny to me.
5. Laura left her bed at the apartment so Michael and I finally got it out of the spare room and brought it over into our room. Now we have a "super bed." We had some fun playing with the ferrets on it. Jason gave them this little referee doll. They like to drag it around the house.
6. In my effort to make the house clean and pretty, I made sure to include all the animals. I think the newts are lovin' their clean home.
7. This week I made my way to Donora to visit my old friend, Nichole, and her cute little daughter, Taylor. Of course, I got lost somehow, but I ran straight into a dead end with this lovely looking run down building smack dab in front of me. I love it.
8. I'm an addict. Sorry. I sent in all my LPS stickers to get the limited edition Kiwi Bird and he finally came in the mail this week! As for the Armadillo, I just saw him and couldn't help myself, even though Kelsey said she was bringing me home a few from Florida and told me not to buy anymore! Oops. Guess what? She got me the Armadillo, too. She said she's going to return it and surprise me with something else! So sweet.
9. One of my favorite things about visiting home is getting too look at all the trains on the way!
10. Friday night I went with Laura and Michael to see some bands play in Pittsburgh. I always enjoy seeing live music and whenever I find myself in it's presence, I often wonder why I don't go see bands more often. I use to keep busy with local shows almost every weekend when I was younger and I've been to more concerts than I can even remember at this point. The music was good and I got to see a couple friends. However, there were a couple little events that turned the night sour, but I'll try not to focus on that part of the experience. Win some, lose some, right?
11. The Saracastics were one of the bands that played at the pub from the last photo. They are a local band that I remember being around for... well, as long as I can remember going to shows for the past 10 years. Probably more. They kind of seem to disappear for years at a time but always come back with different memebers and fill ins. Nonetheless, they always put on a good show and I like to pay my respects, so to speak.
12. Here is just a snapshot of town while I was driving home one day. The weather has been wonderful lately. We got over a week of pretty solid rain spell and it's been about in the 80's almost every day this past week. That's a little too hot for my liking, but it's good to see such pretty, sunny skies again. Summer is not my favorite but I will always welcome it.
13. This is a photo of my dog, Sheba. She passed a little over a year ago. I can't decide if that feels like forever ago or just yesterday. This dog has an extremely special place in my heart and in my family. I can recall this dog being around throughout my childhood and then later (after a series of crazy events) she kind of just came to us and starting living with us. She was a very special pup. It's hard to put into words. I have lots of photos of her that I'm sure I will share over time. This particular photograph is in my car at all times.
14. This is me! As a chalkboard illustrated character. (The trim around my doors and windows in my kitchen is done in chalkboard paint!) My dear friend, Molly, kind of sketched this up there real quick when she was home visiting from North Carolina. It's a little worn off and has been touched up a couple times so it's not completely accurate to what it was at first but it's just so cute and a fun reminder of Molly so I try to keep it up there! It's much better than the vulgarities all my other friends like to draw on there!
15. Here is Lux and Ick playing in my room while I was getting ready one day. They like to take naps on the piles of clothes on the floor. Lux has become very interested in my hair dryer. He is constantly running up to me and standing on my lap and looking at me while I dry my hair to try to figure out what the heck it is. This last time, he tried to bite it and take it off me. Their curiosity with everything is the cutest!

xo, Linds

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