Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mushroom huntin' & Ferret fun

Michael and I went mushroom hunting in the woods during a spontaneous visit over my parents house. We also took the ferrets out in the backyard to do some exploring off the leash. There would be more shots but most of them didn't turn out very well because I had the wrong lens with me. Oops! :( Nonetheless, I had at good time. I hope to go mushroom pickin' again. I enjoyed it a lot. You never know what tiny little life is out there until you slow down and look sometimes. The ferrets loved it, too. They were so worn out when we got home and slept so soundly throughout the night. They were up at 7AM this morning wanting to play!

Jeff and Laura are over here visiting. So is Hans and Dolb! I made chicken alfredo for dinner and Michael made piergoies. It was delicious! We bathed our ferrets, Laura cut their nails. It's my turn to clean their ears!

xo, Linds

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  1. Awww...How about tay said Lux was a reindeer and hes pink =]
    She special lol
    Looks like you had a blast mushroom exploring!!