Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Littles Pet Shop family update

It's been a while.... This is kind of a cuteness overload. Be prepared. Here's the newest additions to our LPS family....
 Thank you, Kelsey. You're the sweetest!!!!!
She brought me three new friends home from her trip to Florida!
Yep, that makes my third ferret. I'm so happy about it!

I finally got the limited edition Kiwi bird from sending in all my LPS stickers.
The Armadillo... well, a bit of an impulse buy, but I don't regret it!

 The most recent to come home with me.. The anteater.
He came with a cute green leaf bed and 2 little black ants!

Here's a mostly accurate photo of what LPSland is looking like over here these days!

xo, Linds

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