Saturday, June 11, 2011

Landlocked Blues

Thursday night, Michael and I went to go see Bright Eyes at Stage AE in Pittsburgh. I'm still a little giddy over the whole thing. Nothing can make me as happy as going to a good concert. I still feel all bubbly inside when I think about seeing The Adicts. It's a kind of long-lasting happiness that I'm always ready to refresh!

This is the first time I saw Bright Eyes but I saw Conor with the  Mystic Valley Band twice before. I was excited to hear some of my favorite Bright Eyes songs. Here's a few of my faves they played:
-Landlocked Blues
-Bowl of Oranges
-Road to Joy
-Hot Knives
-The Calendar Hung Itself
-Something Vague
-Lover I don't have to Love

I'm sure I'm missing a ton. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take any pictures this time. That's about the only downfall of having a camera with a detachable lens; I'm usually not prohibited to take it in a lot of venues. Besides, there was a TON of people there and I didn't really have the best view.
Here's a few more pictures from the previous show at a smaller club/bar/venue that I'd like to share instead:

I hope the computer continues to cooperate with me. It's been super frustrating. Now that the computer is working, our internet keeps going off and on!! Oh my. I need to get back onto some kind of blogging schedule. I was on a roll for a while. I still have tons of ideas swarming through my head.

I don't have any real solid plans for today. Michael and I were talking about thrifting this afternoon. I guess it's time to shower up and see what happens!

Happy Saturday!

xo. Linds

All photos on this post are copyright of Lindsey Evans.

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