Sunday, June 12, 2011


Good morning!

Do you know why I'm up early? On the weekend???? I know. It's crazy. I'm going to attempt to go flea marketing with my parents this morning! It's something I always mean to do but can never bring myself to do it because well.. I love sleep!

Yesterday, Laura, Michael, and I stopped at some thrift stores. I found a couple neat things. I hope to find some more cheap treasures today! We'll see! Perhaps I'll share later!

Oh yeah! How do 'yinz' guys like my blog header?! It sure makes me giggle. Laura purchased two porcelain children's busts. It was my bright idea to paint the KISS make up on them. I mean, it was an INSTANT vision as soon as I saw them! I'm glad it came to life! I'll tell you what... I could paint KISS makeup on like.. everything! Totally badass!

For now, I will give you a little peek into my home... via Instagram, of course! Besides, I know I'm loooong overdue for my "Week in Instagrams." So this will have to suffice. These are just a few snapshots I took with my phone recently while playing around. Can you believe the word "iphonography" exists out there? Me either! Technology is somethin' else!

 Yogies are like crack for the ferrets around here. Ha.

 My sweet best friend, Kelsey, bought me these bubbles. We use to play with ones similar to these when we were younger. Well, ummm, younger as in maybe a couple years ago. They're scented! Mint and vinalla!

 I have several banks in my house. This is on of my favorites! I originally found it from this post on the Thompson Family blog. And yes... I proceeded to buy it on Etsy. I told you I'm addicted!

Maestro got a new seed stopper skirt! Isn't it just the cutest?! I got it from a pet store in Connellsville called Animal House that we recently just discovered and fell in love with!

 My little religious figure shrine on top my oven!

 Michael picked me these flowers on his way home from skateboarding. So sweet. They look perfect in this old milk jug.

 Another bank. A piggy bank! I bought this one at Target a while ago. I just love the design.

 I call this one "Unicorn embracing Lion". These little teeny, tiny plushies are hanging onto a shelf in between my kitchen and living room. They often bring a smile to my face when passing by.

 Michael also picked me this GIANT dandelion! It's huge! I've never saw one so big. I'm tempted to blow it and make one great big wish, but it's just too pretty.

This is probably my favorite glass to drink out of. Michael and I found one at Salvation Army originally but because they are so old, the glass is not very strong and it broke quite easily. My mother found a bunch at a flea market recently and replaced it. She also got me a few other vintage McDonald's glass. They're a pretty common find. I've got a little collection going. You know what that means? Photos soon!

xo, Linds


  1. linds we need to go thrifting,like actually go with no problems lol <33

  2. by the way..LOVEEEE the header!