Saturday, June 4, 2011

Urban exploration


I'm blogging from over at my parents house today! After I dropped Michael off at work today, I headed over to visit. We did some swimming and lounging on the deck this afternoon! We're getting ready to grill out for dinner. Later, my mother and I or doing some baking. It's been a nice relaxing Saturday!!

A couple days ago, Michal, Laura, and I had went on a spontaneous adventure into Connellsville. You see, when I was younger, my family use to go camping along the Yough river and we'd use inflatable boats and inner tubes to float from from Connellsville back to our campsite. It's a perfect distance for a fun trip and about halfway through the journey, there is a little place to pull off to have a picnic and there is a large abandoned building we use to go exploring in. It has been a very faint memory for me, but now thanks to technology and my very fancy phone with satellite GPS, I was able to pinpoint about where I thought this was located. We actually finally figured out how to get there by roadway! It's something I've been meaning to do for quite some time! I took Nixon with me to get some pictures, but about halfway through our adventure, the battery had died. I snapped a few more pictures on my phone, which I will share now until I get everything backed up and organized and all my programs up and running again! I did some research and it turns out this place is a old whiskey distillery! So neat!

Once I get things back in order, I'm planning on doing several posts of some of my favorite, decaying photo spots, including this Whiskey Distillery, The Lumber Yard and The Hospital. I'm looking forward to digging into some of my old photos to share!

Happy Saturday!!!

xo, Linds

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