Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Blog Love

Just a quick post for today! I actually have no idea what's to become of my day. Michael is working till later this evening and I've got the house to myself. The ipod is currently on shuffle. It's quite nice. I've been working to get my computer back to the way it was! I'm trying to gather all my bookmarks and tabs again. I had to search the whole house for the serial number to Adobe Photoshop to get it up and running again. Backing up my pictures onto my external hard drive is definitely on my to do list today, too! I have almost 800 pictures on my SD card. It's time to get rid of them and you just never know when your computer is just going to die! Oh my.

So today I'll leave you with two of my new favorite reads. <3


After peaking at Elycia's "ever expanding list" of blogs she loves, I'm thinking of adding a page on my blog specifically dedicated and linking up to all my faves, because there is toooo many to list, really.

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend and a relaxing Sunday. :)

xo, Linds

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