Sunday, June 26, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle

I'm up early. I'm going to take Michael to work and then head home to visit my parents for the morning and afternoon with all my little furry friends. (Hans and Dolby had a sleepover with us last night!) It should be a nice time, as always. :)

This morning I'm admiring bicycles.

When I moved to town over a year ago, I dug up my bicycle thinking I'd surely be able to use it as some exercise and to cruise around town. It was a nice idea but I quickly realized this was my childhood bike and I've outgrown it. It was really uncomfortable!

There's so many gorgeous looking bicycles out there today. It's so tempting to buy another! I'm contemplating if it's worth it...

This particular bicycle is by Beg Bicycles. Such good lookin' bikes!

Have a happy Sunday.

xo, Linds

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