Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reader Appreciation Month

Do you see what I see?!

Yes, that is a little advertisement for my blog on the Frekled Nest blog. LA was sweet enough to accept FREE sponsors for her blog for her READER APPRECIATION MONTH in honor of their 5 year anniversary. I'm flattered to have a tiny little snippet of my photography, alongside pictures of such inspiring ladies. I could type until my fingers snap off about it, but basically, in so many words, I just wanted to say that the appreciation is completely and sincerely mutual. Thanks for the opportunity, LA!

I'm going to gather the ferrets and head out to Brownsville to get Michael and go over my parents for dinner. Happy Hump Day! It's been a loooooong week, with 2 days of 8 hours of trainings, and still one more whole 8 hour day to go, then who knows about Friday, but I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend, as always.

xo, Linds

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