Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Monday

Not much of a post for today. I did not get much sleep last night, causing work to drag on and be super aggravating.

On a brighter note... Today while out recruiting at work, we stopped at Jackson Farm (I'm a regular, I tell ya'!) and I got a very delicious ice cream cone filled with ice cream called mud pie. Mmmm mmmm mmmm... You have no idea!

Also, I do believe my Cruiser is in good hands. The guy called me to ask me a couple questions and he seemed seriously concerned and determined to fix it. Who knows, though. It's hard to trust a mechanic.. ever. I'm currently driving my little junky Cavalier. It's a love hate thing. Anyway, I am crossing my fingers that my little PT Bruiser comes home healthy, for real this time.

I also had a very content moment earlier this evening while curled up on the couch, home alone. I had a full belly of leftovers. I was finally cooled down by the AC. The critters were frolicking about or singing. The house was all clean still and I got to pick somethin' good to watch on Netflix.

I spent the majority of the evening editing photos. I had already procrastinated doing so for a week. That is not very professional, but hey, I am my own boss. It happens. I'm somewhat pleased how they turned out. There is always room for improvement. I think they will like them, though. I doubt I will ever be satisfied by my own work.

Off to get some much needed, well deserved sleep...

Oh, yeah, Hello August!

xo, Linds

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