Friday, August 26, 2011

Float like a Feather

Yesterday, two of my favorite friends, Lauren and Angel stopped over the house after like.. 10PM. I was so ready for bed but I'm glad they came a-knockin' on my door. They brought me over some new vinyl. Radiohead. Good stuff. Maestro seemed to enjoy it today, also.

These records came from good ol' Gabriel Bros. Not sure what store they had been originally shipped from. I'm guessing Hot Topic. I ran over there this evening to check out the selection but there wasn't as much of a variety as I was hoping. I ended up picking up another decent Radiohead record and an Animal Collective record. I had never listened to Animal Collective but I've heard a lot about them and Michael said they weren't bad, so I'm going to trust his judgement and for that cheap of a price, I think it's worth giving a try.

Also on our adventure this evening, we stopped at PetSmart for crickets and then headed over to Target so I could check out all the new Littlest Pet Shop firsthand. I ended up picking up three new ones; a centipede, dragonfly, and a walrus. I know, I know, I really need to get on taking pictures to update my collection! I've been putting it off for so long!

There are several new types of Littlest Pet Shop. Firstly, they came out with ones that actually move. I believe they're called Walkables. They're pretty cute. I mostly just wish Michael could snag me the display from Target someday whenever they decide to take it down! Ha. They also have these ones I've never saw called Shimmer 'N Shine Pets. They have glitter sparkles stuff on 'em! I know it sounds a bit excessive but it's cute! I promise! Plus, they did have this big box set called Black and White photo shoot or something along those lines. It came with like six animals that were all black and white and a tiny Blythe doll and a bunch of little accessories, one being a camera on a little tripod! It's oh so adorable. I kinda want it...

They finally have a new pet out that you are able to get in the mail for free once you mail in 8 stickers. I totally have more than 8 stickers! I probably just have to purchase something to get the little sheet to mail in! I'm sooo on it. It's a rooster! The comb thing on top of his head is red and glittery! Oh my! Also, looking through the booklet that came with the ones I bought today.. they have an owl with gold sparkles around his eyes, a pink sparkly elephant, a purple sparkly bat, and what looks to be a gray ferret with lots of sparkles on him! I'm DYING from cuteness over here today, if you couldn't tell....

Okay, enough Littlest Pet Shop talk... Let's share some ferret lovin'. Tonight, my little Junebug had her first bath... in the sink. To be honest, they all had an emergency flea bath. Michael is visiting Jeff right now so I felt like a single ferret mother all alone over here, washing each one, one by one in the sink! It wasn't a bad things. It was kinda' cute. We have all been itching like crazy over here. I hope we can get this taken care of. :(

I love my little fur babies. :)

I'm off to lounge around and watch more Mad Men until Michael gets home. I know it's a Friday and I should be up to a lot of no good fun times but bed time is probably not too far off in the future for me. Italian Fest is finally this weekend. It's about time make it, especially since it is literally rightttt down the street from our apartment! I wish I could have such good stories as my parents do when they went to Italian Fest when they were living in town when they were younger! No promises yet on making it because who knows what could happen tomorrow morning! BUT that is the plan, so I'm trying not to sleep in too late so Michael and I get some hang out time before he hast to go into work!

xo, Linds

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