Saturday, August 27, 2011


Can you guess what was so special about today?

Italian Fest 2011!

Italian Fest is finally here. It's a pretty big deal in Uniontown. I could almost bet the festivities are still going on only a few blocks away from here. Today it was kind of a special event for me because well.. I had never been to Italian Fest before, but I heard all about it. When my parents were younger, they had also had an apartment together in Uniontown, not really too far from where we are living. They went to Italian Fest back in the day and my mom has this really entertaining story about how they woke up early to go and she ended up drinking too many glasses of wine and she walked back to the apartment and fell asleep. When she had woke up, she thought it was the next day, but it was actually just a few hours later. Well, I guess she got up and went back for some more wine. She's really funny. When I met up with my parents this evening to grab some dinner from some of the street vendors, she told me that her parents had told her when she was younger "There's only two kind of people in the world.. There's Italians and then there are people who wish they were Italian." Ha ha. So dinner had been my second stop at Italian Fest. We ended up functioning early enough this morning to be able to walk down to check out the car show. I'm really glad we did. There were sooooo many cars there! So many good looking cars. I don't know if I mentioned this on here or not, but I really enjoy taking pictures of cars. It's one of my other favorite photo subjects but one I rarely have the chance to photograph. I did get a chance to snap some pictures but not a lot because there were so many cars and so many people and it got kinda' hot and miserable out pretty quickly. I will share more pictures soon. It's about time to back up all the pictures on the hard drive so I will be doing some editing and cleaning up on the laptop. Hopefully.. tomorrow if things turn out like I plan. You know how that goes, though. I'm off to spend some time with Michael before we fall asleep because he has to work in the morning.

Hope everyone is having an eventful weekend, too. I've had a lot on my mind lately and I'm really thankful to be keeping busy or else I'd surly go insane.

xo, Linds

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