Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chuckie Stump

I do have all kind of fun posts and cute pictures and things to share, but on a more serious note, I wanted to take the time to look back on some memories.

My friend, Chuckie, pictured above on the left passed away a year ago, as of yesterday. Our little town truly went through a tragedy, losing Chuckie and Jake, two of the kindest young souls, only within a month apart. It's a hopeless kind of feeling. You would think others would be effected so deeply by these events that they would take a look at themselves and learn from their mistakes. I don't think that this is so for a lot of people, though, unfortunately. It makes you wonder, who could be next? It's a scary feeling.

I met Chuckie through my friend, Paul, whom at the time, well, we were inseparable friends. Chuckie and Paul were best friends. They were neighbors and had known each other their whole lives. So, naturally, Chuckie and I became friends. This was around maybe 2007 or so, around the time I graduated high school. At the time, several of my good friends had started a punk band. We spent many days and nights in a dirty, old garage while they jammed. This memory is particularly dear to me because there were only a handful close friends who were around for these times in the garage and Chuckie was one of them.

He, Paul, and I also spent plenty of time loitering in parking lots in my car, waiting around for something fun to get into nearly every evening. We were bored out of our minds at the time but I didn't realize till now how much of a good time we were having just talking, laughing, and smoking and how much I would end up cherishing those times that seemed so unimportant and silly at the time.

xo, Linds

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