Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teacher Mode

I am tired I worked nearly 12 hours today. It's back to teacher mode for me. Sometime this can be extra exhausting. We had our first Open House today.  Unfortunately, less than half of the parents we had invited today decided or remembered to show up. We have several more days set up this week and next. I got to meet some parents and children. I got to play a little and take some photos. It's awesome to finally visually see how your classroom will work out when you see little ones in it. Your visions literally come to life. It's pretty special. Of course, things will be tweaked once we get to know these little people.

Miss Brenda stopped in to visit her old classroom this evening also. I think she was happy with how colorful and inviting we made the room. It just needed a little TLC. She said she would give our classroom five stars! I respect her opinion a lot even though her classroom was a little more on the institutional looking side and it was ran in an extremely structured manner. I know some people probably wouldn't agree but I think she was a great teacher. She had good intentions with the children. She knew what she was doing and didn't mess around.

I am pleased at how our classroom team is working together. I'm happy they rely on me for my artistic abilities. I know this makes my job a lot less challenging but I still struggle with communicating with families more than anything. I am feeling pretty confident and I think I have a lot of good ideas to contribute. Sticking with this job for over three years is already showing signs of paying off. It feels good when people come to me to ask me questions because they know I know the process and have had the experience.
Just sharing some work related Instagrams from the past few months. I'll show off my classroom at a later date. I'm in the process of collecting photos of our class with their family during Open House. Hopefully I'll get to snap some more photos of the room.

xo, Linds

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