Sunday, August 14, 2011

Everyday Inspiration

Last night, two of my favorite girl friends, Kelsey and Angel, came over to visit. We got to talk and catch up and ended up staying up till about 2AM making friendship bracelets. It was a good time. I love having my friends near and I wish it happened more often.

Sweet shirt, huh? I love the handstyle. Michael and I's friend, Jason, airbrushed this shirt for Michael.

I was thinking a bit lately about my friends and how truly talented, dedicated, and creative all my friends are.

I know artists... with brushes, pencils, pens, spray paint, make-up brushes, scissors, markers, air brushes, and tattoo guns. Almost any medium you can think of. I know musicians, writers, sculptors, graphic designers, photographers, seamstresses, name it. Some things that are art forms in their own that you wouldn't even think about.. skateboarders, models, mechanics, business owners.. even babysitters, teachers, landscapers, gamers, chefs, bakers, animals lovers, and mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, and students! Friends, family, co-workers...

All these things take effort and passion to be. This is kind of one of those things that in the back of my mind, I'm saying.. You shouldn't preach what you don't practice.. but seriously, I don't think many of us give ourselves enough credit sometimes, including myself.

 I apologize.. I know it's nearly impossible to tell in these photos but my super cute, talented friend, Angel, crafted me a couple adorable flower clips that go in my hair. I love them!

I am so very pleased to say that about 6 people I know have created their own blogs since I have started my own only 3 short months ago. I'm not going to name names or give out links because I know some of us like to remain personal and anonymous and just are generally uncomfortable with writing still, but some of these people I know personally, such as siblings, cousins, and significant others.. and  several are wonderful potential friends whom I hope to have the opportunity to get to know better through this experience.

I just want you all to know.. my heart flutters when I see a new post from you guys. I love to read the insight into your world. It's very unique and special way to gain other perspectives. I love blogging for this reason.

 Last, but certainly not least, the black bird doll made my miss Molly. Probably the best mail I have ever received.. ever. You all already know from this post how talented and wonderful I think Molly is.

I'm sure I have a ton of other creations I could share but this gives you a great idea. I would totally love to share my friends creations more often. I cherish these gifts more than anything else I own and show them off with great pride.

Keep reading. Keep writing. Keep creating. Stay positive. Thank you for inspiring me on a daily basis..

xo, Linds


  1. This touched the part of me that really loves people..

  2. This is lovely! It's true that we all have passion in our lives, and with out it life is pointless. And it is an added bonus to get to share your self, however you may represent or express it, with other people.