Sunday, August 7, 2011


Just showing some love to my Crusier on the blog today! I had a couple days driving the Cavalier and just got the Cruiser back from the shop on Thursday. It feels nice to have it back. I've come to the conclusion that I get incredibly attached to intimate objects. Oh well. I enjoy photographing my car, or maybe any car for that matter. Look at those curves and that shine! :)

In other car news, after a hellish morning in the DMV waiting room, Michael got his permit! I'm pretty excited and also a little nervous to teach him to drive. I can't say I'm the best driver myself. I think it will be a fun, growing experience for both of us.

Yesterday was a busy day. Michael and I got up early to go to the DMV. Seems as though we still did not beat the crowd. There is just nothing good about that place. Most awkward waiting room ever! So glad we pushed ourselves to go, though!

After that, we had contemplated going to the County Fair. It was the last day and we put it off ever day just like we had done every other year. It has been either too hott or rainy out! Well, we did drive past but it was raining so we decided against it, even though we did get lucky and have free admission tickets in our posession. I'll make it to the petting zoo next year, I swear!!

We decided we were going to go check out a pretty neat pet store in Greensburg called Total Pet. Last time we were in the area, it was not open yet but recently some one at work was telling me about a pet store that had a pig in it! I just had to go! I ended up going on a little shopping spree for the pet. The ferrets got much needed littler and two new litter boxes that are much better looking and a little bigger since they seem to be growing every day still! they also got some new treats, which they aren't wild about. Yogies forever! I bought them some new dishes for their food and water. They are really cute but they are a bit smaller than their old dishes so they make a bit of a mess! We'll see. I'll put them to good use somehow. I also got the birdie a new bath dish because he likes to bath in his water dish nearly every day! This one is a little bigger for him! I got him some treats that are berry flavored. He's crazy about treats.

We stopped at Custom Culture and I picked up a Supertramp and Devo record. Soo good. I picked up a couple things from Michael's, as well. I could buy like everyyyything in that store.

Later in the evening, my friend, Angel, stopped over. It was so nice to have company! It doesn't happen very often any more. I hope I can keep up the effort in my friendships because I've missed having close friends since they're mostly all in other states! Anyway, I introduced her to all the critters and we talked a good bit. She's very easy and fun to talk to. I think we have a lot in common, even our addiction to Netflix. Ha.

As of now, I'm headed out to Brownsville shortly to do some visiting to the family. It should be an average, relaxing Sunday. I have some more pictures to edit and some things to work on. I'll get back into the groove of things once the work week starts.

xo, Linds

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