Saturday, September 17, 2011

Past Polaroids

A few months back, during Polaroid Week, I promised I would share just a few of the instant photos I had took in the past. These ones are from around Fall of 2009. That seems like forever ago now, huh? It's really sweet to look back on these times. It's getting chillier out every day. We already started breaking out our heavy hoodies and hats. I'm really excited for the season. It's my favorite! I hope we can make this one as memorable. :) Enjoy!

xo, Linds


  1. It is also my favorite, scarf and hoodie combo<3.
    these pictures are cute.

  2. oh also i have monday-friday of next week off. the only thing ihave to do in those days is grad practice, and the actual graduation shindig it's self. so if you want me to come over so you can talk about how you hate work and laugh at silly things i'm so down. <3