Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ferret Energy

Hi. I know I've been pretty consistently blogging but down deep I feel like blogging has been put on the back burner of my mind recently. I have a pretty full plate when the new school year rolls around. I'll try to keep motivated but it's been a long week. It's just about over, though, thankfully. I have full intentions of showing my blog some good ol' tender, love, and care when I get some time to kick back and do what I please. However, I need to use some of my energy to be social and have some fun as sort of a pick-me-up from the recent events and racing mind. Back to school is a tough transition, not only for the children but for the teachers. Waking up early, being so alert, interactive, cheerful, assertive, and being on your feet, counting kids non-stop, preparing food, tidying up, keeping paperwork organized, and constant redirection.. just to name a few things.. you get the picture.. it is tiring. Not only physically, but emotionally, more so than you could imagine. So to counteract this, when I get home, the majority of my time, besides maintaining normal household duties like cleaning, dinner, an whatnot  is spent napping, enjoying the company of my boyfriend, surprise visitors, and my critters, and putting my feet up and relaxing. If I didn't get to do this for a couple hours before it's time to go to bed and start all over.. well, I think my body would just shut down. Functioning to my fullest potential is a struggle at this point and I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is so far out of sight. Basically, the purpose behind this post is to show off one snippet of the little joys of life that sometimes are the only things that keeps me afloat. My ferrets <3......

Wow. I love these little creatures. My heart feels so full and content to come home after a long day and be able to pick up these three and hug them all up and kiss their little furry heads. I am just crazy about my ferrets. Hasn't Lux grown to be so big and handsome? Look at that pink nose and those puffy cheeks! June has wove her way into our hearts, but she has, without a doubt, got her brothers acting up! She's a mischievous little thing.  She has a lot to learn and you can tell she's our youngest. And Ick, he's so  photogenic and sweet, as always. He loves the attention, you can tell. I love my family. :) We're having a good pet day over here. We made a little trip to PetSmart earlier this evening. I probably spent a little more money than I would have liked, but I got goodies for all of the animals. We are stocked up on ferret food for Hans and Dolby's week long visit coming up soon. I also scored some bird food on sale. Plus, I finally gave in and purchased a little heater unit for inside their tank. So I just got done giving the birdie a bath and a clean cage and the hermit crabs also got a fresh, clean new set up. I'm curious to see how the heat effects them. Now that I'm all done, it's time to relax. aka, fall asleep on the couch, again.

(Maybe more so a reminder for myself, but still..) Stay positive.

xo, Linds

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