Saturday, September 3, 2011

Littlest Pet Shop

I recently surpassed the 50 critter mark. I must be a little crazy, huh?

Also, I really wanted to share this "vintage" Littlest Pet Shop commercial. What is considered vintage anyway? It was recorded in 1993! I was just a little preschooler. Those little animals bring back such clear, crisp memories!  I totally had some of those. Actually, the little hamster set is near my bedside right now! I was a collector even before I knew it... ;)

I had such a fun night out last night with friends! I'll have to wait for my friends to post some photos on their blogs so I can snag 'em and post 'em!

Michael is off all weekend, as well, so we got to sleep in pretty late today! Didn't get to bed till especially late anyway, so it felt really good! When we woke up, I  made a lovely breakfast for us. I've only been up a little over an hour but I'm having a good day so far! Hope everyone else has a great Saturday! I think I am just pumped to have Monday off! Nice, long holiday weekend!

 xo, Linds

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