Thursday, September 1, 2011

August in Review

I saw several other bloggers do a little recap of the month. Some are a lot more in depth but mine is pretty simple and to the point. I think it's a great concept and I really enjoyed looking back through old posts and seeing what all I actually accomplished in one months time!

 August was spent cramming to get everything just right and ready to start the 2011-2012 school year.

 The Littlest Pet Shop Collection has gained a handful of new, cute critters I'm almost ready to share!
 The misfortunate situation with my old 55-200mm lens made room in my life for a new lens to love.

I spent time reflecting on the past and remembering good times with young friends who have passed on.

 Working on my goal of finding inspiration and passion in my daily life.

 Yes, I'm already counting down to Halloween and looking forward to fall very much!

 Michael and I went on a several adventures, picking mushrooms and enjoying the outdoors.

We got a new addition to our family... Our little girl, Juniper!

 Ichabod celebrated his first Birthday with all of his family!

 I decided to keep the Cruiser despite the trouble it's been giving me.

 I discovered one of my new favorite spots full of easy photo ops and beauty.

Just a few other things worth mentioning:
New favorite record: David Bowie Live at the Tower Philadelphia
New favorite Netflix addiction: Mad Men
New favorite ITouch apps: Pixlromatic and Bejeweled 2

This month:
- I reached 100 blog posts! Horray!
- Michael got his permit and is in the process of learning to drive and getting a car! Exciting!
- I completed a engagement shoot and already have several other photo jobs lined up!
- I added two new cameras to my camera collection!
- I had my first experience of Uniontown's Italian Fest!
- I spent time with my two new favorite girl friends: Angel and Lauren and my best friend forever, Kelsey.
- Laura got her Saint Sheba tattoo finished! She lives on forever.
- The raccoons are becoming independent and are ready to move into their kennel.
- We added several new records to our collection. I just counted them all today! Guess how many we have!?

Hello, September! I'm curious to find out what you have in store for me..

xo, Linds

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