Monday, September 12, 2011

Classroom 2011-2012

No lie.... today was hell. The first day of school is a total disaster. Between broken down buses and losing kids and working all day with no break.. just.. oh myyyy. I hate to talk negatively like this because I know it's not going to help me get through this or cope with it but today was just a real downer. Not like I didn't expect it to be, but boy, I just feel like making some bad decisions like quitting my job and going to work at Target with all my bff's. Anyway, here are some photos of the classroom I took before the little heathens came. Decorating, paperwork, and the whole crafty bit over summer.. I can deal with and I do actually enjoy. I was just not prepared for today.

At least my classroom is cute, huh? Yeah. It didn't last long. Here is to hoping tomorrow is better. Cheers... No seriously. Here goes a Robotussin induced nap.

xo, Linds


  1. So i love the comment you left me, your so sweet. I think we should go shopping soon. Honestly. I hope your days aren't as crappy as today was. Get some sleep, it always helps me. xo.

  2. Oh & i have a manikin for mike if he still wants one lol

  3. my friend geddy gave me his deck, so :)
    I have an exra, it's the blue deck, its the starting deck for mind tricks and illusions. Mike can handle it. I'll bring it over. We should go to the house of cards one day. The guy who owns it was helping me kick geddys butt. So he could help me and mike get skilled in the game. But i'm bringing the blue deck over, mine, yours and moes necklaces, your flower and mikes manikin haha