Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It is the appropriate season for this. :)

Hockey season! A few years back, my two dearest friends, Kelsey and Jenn use to talk nonstop about hockey and to be honest, it was like they were talking in a different language! Slowly but surely, they turned me on to this sport that they call hockey. During this time, the three of us spent a lot of time together going out to sports bars and taking turns watching games over each others houses. We followed all the games and even somehow managed not to drink too much brandy so we could watch our team bring home the Stanly Cup! It's truly been fun times. Unfortunately, I get hardly any channels on my television to watch the games. I'm pretty much stuck getting updates on my phone, via Twitter. Don't get me wrong, I completely enjoy watching games, but truthfully, one of my favorite things about hockey season is being with my friends! It's kind of bittersweet nowadays because the three of us are all in different places now, but I know we've had some of the best times. Just this general time of the year reminds me so much of these two and a whole slew of memories that we have made that come flooding back as well. I hope we can bring the spirit back this season at least for a game or two, for old times sake.

I love you, Kelsey and Jenn! :) PENNNSSSS!!!!!

xo, Linds

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