Saturday, May 12, 2012

Morning Rituals

Good morning, everyone. Just wanted to make a quick little post while I had the chance this morning. As per usual, we're having some computer problems, so I'm on the desktop for now. Not that I mind too much, but hopefully it's temporary. I've really got to try even harder than I have been backing up my photos almost every time I upload them! Man, how do we have so much bad luck?! Crossing my fingers that it's nothing to severe!

Today, if all goes well, I think we are headed to a pow-wow in Brownsville. It should be interesting and provide a lot of beautiful photo ops. I have perhaps the most vivid childhood memories of going to a pow-wow when I was younger. If it's anything like what plays back in my mind, it should be a good time.

Have a safe and happy Saturday.

» Linds

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