Friday, May 4, 2012

Church of Level Tracks

Ever feel like you need a vacation from your mind? I do. Pretty often.

 Last night I went to go see Tim Barry play at the 31st Street Pub in Pittsburgh. I'm really happy I forced myself to make the effort to go. So many things just get put off because well.. a lot of times it just seems easier not to? Sad excuse, but true, nonetheless.

 I had originally saw Tim open up for The Bouncing Souls and The Gaslight Anthem several years ago. I instantly was in love with his music. I remembered he came through Pittsburgh a short while after that but it was 21+ and I hadn't turned 21 at the time. I'm glad I got the opportunity again and I know I would have completely regretted not going. Sometimes that happens.. more often then it probably should.

 It was nice to get out of town. Nice to do something. Spend time with my sister. Get away from the daily grind. The dirty apartment. The dishes. The chores. Dirty liter boxes. Annoying alarm clocks. Try to forget about work. Money. Cars. Try not to think ab out anything. Just enjoy the moment. The people watching. The drinks. The spontaneity. The night time. The environment. The city. The music.

I love small venues like bars so much.  Tim even came into the crowd and played acoustically for a song or two. It was so intimate and moving. A great performance. One that leaves you going to bed feeling all giddy and waking up the next day still feeling that way. I needed that.

Ahhh, yes, music..... this is why I love live music in particular so much. It's a total escape from life. There isn't anything comparable, in my opinion, and hardly anything I love more.

 Happy Weekend.

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