Saturday, October 29, 2011

White Halloween

I have heard of White Christmas... but White Halloween? Well, nothing really surprises me with the whacky weather we have around here. The snow is coming down right now. It's not enough to really stick to anything but enough to put a light dusting on top the cars and really define the trees. Just enough to remind me how beautiful the snow is.

I am so thankful to live in a location that has a decently fair share of all four seasons. When each one comes, I'm glad to see one go and always ready for the next. I do believe fall is my favorite but it is without a doubt the season to get cut short. No complaints, though. I'm pretty content with the hum or the furnace and the pitter patter of little ferret paws around the living room after sleeping in on a Saturday morning. :)

Here are just a couple photos from snow in the past. I'm sure this was in December or January or sometime when winter was in full swing. Definitely not in October! This was Michael and I's first winter together and I had just got a new fish eye lens for the Nikon and we went out to play with it. This upcoming winter will be our third winter together and our second winter here in the apartment above the crematory!

I think the last few years, we have had some of the most intense snows I can recall, with exception of one or two childhood memories and photographs that come to mind. It reminds me a lot of crazy, unexpected, fun times. I know the first year we got this apartment was one of the biggest snow storms we had in a long time. It was enough to knock the power out in LaBelle for a good week. Also, right around the time when my father was home from a serious stay at the hospital. It was a very eventful season! I guess we had figured I had better odds staying in town where there was power and a less dangerous hill to get up and down every day for work. So, Michael stayed with me in this apartment when it was completely unfurnished. We slept on the floor! We got snowed in. We dug cars out of the snow here, at my parents house, a block away from the house, and the one time we decided we would go to the pet store when it was obviously too bad out to go! Of course, I can't think of a winter now without thinking of the roadtrip Michael, Corpsey and I took to New Jersey in one of thee worst blizzards ever! I will still never understand how we navigated through Asbury Park when you really couldn't see what was the road and what was not! We got snowed in the hotel with The Bouncing Souls! We ate vending machine food and saw the beach covered in snow! That is something not everyone gets to see! Oh, and Corpsey's infamous slips and falls on the walk back from Asbury Lanes!

See.. I just love the how the seasons have the power to bring back such vivid memories from the past and fill me such excitement and wonder of what new memories will be made this time around.

So... I wonder if we will have a White Halloween.....?

Stay warm and safe!

xo, Linds

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