Saturday, October 1, 2011

September in Review

October 1st really crept up! It feels like only a couple days ago I was creating a similar post for the month of August!

It was one of my more quiet months on the blog, but let's see what happened this month...

Red Velvet launched their Autumn 2011 Dress Collection.
It was a fun thing to watch unfold and keep up with during my daily blog reads!

I finally counted up my Littlest Pet Shop collection and realized I have well over 50.
I shared some photos of my newest additions. So cute!
I still have even more to share, too!

I spent a lot of relaxing Sundays at home, in Brownsville with my family, enjoying the little things. :)

I shared a bunch of photos I took in Uniontown at Italian Fest 2011.
I enjoyed lots of people watching, music, classic cars, and good food and I'm glad I captured a lot of it!

At work, we finished up setting our classroom for the kids to start school.
You never know what you are in for once the kids get there!
Seriously, you have no idea.... ha ha ha.

My parents celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary. Awww! I love them!
My mom also celebrated her birthday, too!

I had many fun weekends with my best girl friends. They keep me sane! <3

Michael and I went on more benching adventures together!
Always good times and beautiful sights to behold.

Of course, I enjoyed many days with my pets.
Hans and Dolby even stayed with us for a short time while Laura visited Molly in North Carolina.

Hockey Season began and it reminded me of a lot of special memories with some special friends. <3

 Michael bought his first car and got his license!

 The weather has been pretty up and down.. hot one day and cold the next.
It seemed like the coldest night yet last night. Very appropriate on the eve of October!

Unfortunately, we are postponing our bonfire we had planned at my parents house to kick off October. I know the weather will eventually cooperate and we will be able to have it and it will be a lot less miserable, wet, and cold! I'm not gonna' lie, I'm still a little bummed. However, looking back on the good times from September does cheer me up and I'm sure some spontaneous fun tonight will be just as fun!

Goodbye, September. Hello, October!!!!

xo, Linds

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