Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pinch me!

Sorry for the lack of post the last couple days. I've been pretty busy.

Friday I took off work because I had planned on going to see Primus with Laura that evening at Stage AE. Somehow it all worked out even more perfectly because on Wednesday morning I had found out Leftover Crack was playing at Altar Bar on Thursday night!

Here's a couple Instagrams I snapped.. I love my camera, but unfortunately, I'm rarely allowed to take it into venues with the detachable lens and all. I did get a couple quick couple minute videos. I'm sure they are bad quality all around but perhaps I'll post 'em later because I know looking back on them will bring a smile to my face.

 Les Claypool of Primus @ Stage AE in Pittsburgh

 Stza Crack of Leftover Crack @ Altar Bar in Pittsburgh

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. So far so good over here. Tomorrow afternoon I get to shoot some engagement pictures and I'm off work Monday, also! Ahh.. niiiice.

xo, Linds

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