Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Traditions

I know everyone has their own traditions for holidays and Halloween is no different.

I remember carving pumpkins every Fall as a child, but then I think there must have been some time in between where I hadn't carved one for some time. More recently, I remember using a kitchen knife and thinking.. wow, this is a lot harder than I ever remember. Of course, I probably never carved a pumpkin on my own. No doubt, my parents were probably the ones to do all the hard work of cutting and I just got to do the fun part.. taking out the insides! So it was, in fact, more of a chore to carve a pumpkin than I had remembered. Well, this year, we had an abundance of pumpkins donated to our classes at work/school so I was able to snag one to bring home and give another shot at carving. This time, I used one of those little pumpkin carving kits, with the scoops and mini saws. I'm not going to lie, it was a million times easier! Seriously, who uses kitchen steak knives?! Apparently, I didn't know any better. This made it a breeze. I'm glad I gave it another chance. I made a pretty good memory of playing with pumpkin guts while The Shins were spinning on the player. Michael and Corpsey even got a little messy with me. The ferrets got to sniff around and crawl inside the pumpkin but they weren't too interested or willing to cooperate in any kind of photo ops!

What other Halloween traditions are out there??

I have been taking in all the October Magic going on over on the Lune Vintage blog. Jill has been covering many mystical, enchanting, mysterious traditions of this time of year, such as... Tarot cards, black cats, spell books, and scrying. It's been very interesting to learn a little bit about different history, customs, and folklore. Not to mention all the beautiful images...

I've got a big crush on Jill and the whole style of Lune Vintage. Check out the October Magic posts over at Lune Vintage.... Click here.

xo, Linds

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