Monday, October 24, 2011

These Days

Another little hello from my iPhone. The new hard drive for our laptop should be in by the end of the week. Thank goodness. I know it sounds stupid sillybut I really miss my computer. I feel very unproductive and uninspired without it. I'm keeping updated and in touch with mostly everyone I need to but I must say, my days are a bit more dull without all these beautiful images and ideas floating around in my mind from all my favorite corners of the internet.

What else is new? Well, Ichabod seems to be back to his normal, sleepy lifestyle. He has become especially attached to a tiny stuffed basketball with a bell inside of it and also, a cardboard box that I intended to throw out but they have all three taken a liking to it.

Right now, Michael is playing Magic with some friends while I fiddle with my technology. Corpsey is in route here. It's bath night for the weasels. We are still battling fleas but slowly and surely winning. I got a pumpkin from school/work since we had an abundance of them donated by parents. I would like to carve it up tonight. Perhaps before the ferrets bathe because I think they would like to check it out and explore it and that could get messy. Maybe they wont be interested at all but it seems like a fun experience. They were crawling all over, sniffing, and digging at it when I brought it home. It made for some pretty great festive picture. I cannot wait to upload them and look at them and share..

We have a Modest Mouse record spinning at the moment too. It feels very right and relaxing after a exhausting, productive Sunday, a pretty miserable night, and a long Monday at work. I think I will go savour the moment...

xo, Linds

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