Friday, June 1, 2012

Cleveland » Sweet Loarine

One place I made it a point to stop at on our little mini vacation is Sweet Loraine's. I heard of this place via The Dainty Squid's Travel Bug post on the ModCloth blog. Unfortunately, when we got there they were experiencing some type of power outage in the shop and were waiting for some one to come take a look at the breaker boxes. We tinkered around as much as we could in the front room, which was still filled with natural lighting. It made for some pretty photos. However, all the back rooms were completely, I mean.. completely pitch black so we didn't get to look around too much. I'd definitely stop out again next time I'm in the area. They seemed to have such a large variety of.. well, everything. Really neat! Kinda' jealous we don't have places like this around here!

7105 Lorain Ave. Celveland, OH 44102

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