Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Camera Relationship

Phew... Between going back to work after a nice week long vacation and it being the last, hectic week of school and this stack of SD cards by the computer... I've been busy. I still haven't got around to going through all the pictures of Cleveland yet. I've been so busy with these damn sports pictures and the wedding photos are a whole other story. So much more work than I ever anticipated. I can't really describe how I feel about it all. Proud.. to be feeling like my work now finally has some signs of paying off, from this growing envelope of money I've got waiting to be spent on something special. Yet at the same time, it's a stressful. I know I'm really hard on myself and I always feel like my work is disappointing. To an extent, I guess that is a good thing. It pushes me to want to try  harder. It does. I mean, I've honestly never wanted anything more. Also, I kind of feel that if I push too hard, there is a fine line I will cross of it being all work and no fun. There's just too many ups and downs to how I'm feeling when it comes to my relationship with the camera. It has seriously been 5 years since we've been together and things are getting really complex.  I've questioning the future lots and how to keep this relationship still as happy and exciting as it was when I first laid my hands on that thing. I've definitely learned so much over the last year, that I would not have, otherwise. I'm trying my hardest and hoping for the best.

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